About AERIS (recreational diving company)

Aeris was introduced to divers worldwide in 1998. The company’s stated objective at that time was to raise the standard of features and technology available in diving computers.
With a commitment to providing reliable and accurate dive technology, Aeris had established itself as a trusted brand in the diving industry during its active years.

Aeris dive computers were designed to assist divers in monitoring critical information such as depth, time, decompression limits, and ascent rates during underwater exploration. Known for their durability, user-friendly interfaces, and comprehensive features, Aeris dive computers catered to divers of various skill levels.

In 2014, American Underwater Products, the owner of recreational diving company Aeris at that time, merged it with Oceanic under the Oceanic brand.

While Aeris is no longer in operation, their dive computers have left a positive impact on the diving community. Divers who own Aeris dive computers can still benefit from their advanced features and quality craftsmanship during their diving endeavors.

User manuals for AERIS dive computers