Vertex Standard


Vertex Standard Co. Ltd. was a Japanese manufacturer of wireless telecommunications equipment. The company developed, manufactured, and marketed wireless radio communication equipment and peripheral equipment for amateur and business use. Vertex Standard also developed and manufactured information network systems and software for telecommunications devices.

Yaesu Musen was one of the first companies to manufacture commercial radio communications equipment for the radio amateur market. Over the years, it expanded to produce leading-edge and innovative products for the amateur radio market, the commercial PMR market under the Vertex Standard brand, and the marine market with a range of radios and chart plotters under the Standard Horizon brand.


The company was founded as Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. in 1959 by Japanese radio amateur Sako Hasegawa in Yaesu, Japan, a district of Tokyo.

In 1998, Yaesu Musen acquired the STANDARD radio equipment brand from Marantz Japan and changed its name to Vertex Standard Co., Ltd. in 2000.

In 2007, Motorola announced its intention to purchase 80% of Vertex Standard and form a joint venture with Tokogiken, a privately held Japanese company controlled by Jun Hasegawa, which would hold the remaining 20%. This deal was completed in January 2008, but the joint venture was dissolved effective January 1, 2012.

The Vertex Standard land mobile division operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The amateur radio, airband, and marine radio business was transferred to the new company “Yaesu Musen.”

In January 2018, Vertex Standard radios were rebranded as Motorola radios. Motorola mentioned, “This alignment maximizes the strengths of both names to best serve the marketplace.” Many Vertex radios have been discontinued due to the transition.

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