Yaesu VR-5000 Communications Receiver Operating Manual

Download User Manual for Vertex Standard Yaesu VR-5000 0.1-2600MHz LSB/USB/CW/AM-N/AM/WAM/FM-N/WFM All-Mode Wide-Band Communications Receiver [64 pages 0303Y-EY 2003 pdf/zip]

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Yaesu VR-5000 0.1-2600MHz LSB/USB/CW/AM-N/AM/WAM/FM-N/WFM All-Mode Wide-Band Communications Receiver

The VR-5000 is a communications receiver providing general coverage reception from 100 kHz to 2600 MHz on the CW, SSB (LSB and USB), AM, and FM (Wide and Narrow bandwidths) modes (this coverage includes the AM and FM broadcast bands, HF Shortwave Bands up to 16 MHz, VHF and UHF TV bands, the VHF AM aircraft band, and a wide range of commercial and public safety frequencies!).
Installation of the VR-5000 for everyday operation is may be accomplished in minutes.
However, care should be taken in the installation process, so as to ensure maximum performance and safety. The procedures described below will ensure that you get the most out of your new VR-5000 receiver.

– Introduction: Supplied Accessories, Available Option
– Front Panel Controls & Switches
– Rear Panel Connections
– Installation: Power connections, Antenna considerations
– Basic Operation: Introduction, Turning the Power On/Off, Adjusting the Volume and Squelch, Frequency Navigation, Mode Selection, Channel Step Selection, Dual Receive, Setting the clock, Receiving Short-Wave Broadcast Stations
– Memory Operation: Main Memory System, Memory Storage, Memory Recall, Enhanced Memory Channel Operation, Memory Offset Tuning, Naming Memories, Naming Memory Groups, Protecting Memories (Inhibits the Editing of Memorized Channels), Masking Memories, Alpha-Numeric Memory Recall, Programmable Memory Recall, Memory Channel Sort, PS (PreSet) Memory Channel
– Scanning: Memory Scanning, VFO scanning, Programmable (Band Limit) Memory Scan (PMS), M-S Scan
– Band Scope Operation
– Smart Search Operation
– Priority Operation
– World Clock
– Timer Operation: ON/OFF Timer, Sleep Timer, Alarm Timer
– DSP Operation: DSP NOTCH Filter, DSP Bandpass Filter, DSP CW Peaking Filter, DSP Noise Reduction, CW-PITCH
– Miscellaneous Features: ATT (RF Attenuator), NB (Noise Blanker), RF TUNE, Keypad Beeper, Locking Front Panel Controls, Display Contrast, Display Dimmer, Selecting the [F] key “Hang” Time, Voice Synthesizer Operation, Digital Voice Recorder, Field Strength Meter, Audio Wave Meter, Radio Control (R/C) Channel Monitoring
– Cloning
– CAT Operation
– Reset
– Installation of the Optional Accessories
– “AUTO” Mode Preset Operationg Parameters