Yaesu VR-120D Communications Receiver Operating Manual

Download User and Service Manuals for Yaesu VR-120D Communications Receiver [44 + 34 pages EH011M100, EH011M90A 2002 pdf/zip]

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VR-120D Communications Receiver

The YAESU VR-120D is a high-performance miniature communications receiver providing general coverage reception from 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz on the AM and FM (Wide and Narrow bandwidths) modes; this coverage includes the AM and FM broadcast bands, HF Short-wave Bands, VHF and UHF TV bands, the VHF AM aircraft band, and a wide range of commercial and public safety frequencies!
The VR-120D’s small size allows you to take it anywhere – hiking, skiing, or while walking around town, and its operating flexibility brings the user many avenues of operating enjoyment.
Operation of the VR-120D can be greatly simplified by utilizing the “PRESET” mode. The “PRESET” mode provides twelve “starting point” frequencies (one frequency in each of twelve popular listening bands), from which you may then begin manual tuning. Extensive Memory features, including special Shortwave Broadcast memories, make worldwide listening enjoyable and effortless.
We appreciate your purchase of the VR-120D,
and encourage you to read this manual thoroughly, so as to learn about the many exciting features of your exciting new YAESU communications receiver!

– Introduction
– Controls & Connections
– Display Icons & Indicators
– Keypad Functions
– Accessories & Options
– Installation of Accessories: Battery Installation, FNB-79 Battery Pack (Option) Charging, Low Battery Indication, AC Operation using the optional PA-30 AC Adapter, Antenna Installation, Belt Clip Installation
– Basic Operation: Turning the Power On/Off, Adjusting the Volume and Squelch, Band Selection, Mode Selection, Battery Saver, Frequency Navigation, VFO Search, Changing the Direction of VFO, Search Scanning, How to Skip (Omit) a Frequency, During VFO Search, Pre-Programmable Frequency Search, Changing the Channel Steps, Preset Mode, Receiving Short-Wave Broadcast Stations
– Memory Mode: Memory Storage, Simple Storage, Designated Memory Storage, Memory Recall, Labeling Memories, Memory Channel Scan, Preferential Memory Scan (PMS), Memory Bank Scanning, Deleting Memory Channels, Clearing of a Memory Bank
– One-Touch Memory
– Channel Counter
– Dual Watch
– Priority Monitoring
– Smart Search(TM)
– Reset Procedures: System Reset, All Reset
– Set Mode
– Cloning
– “AUTO” Mode Preset Operating Parameters
– Specifications


This manual provides technical information necessary for servicing the Yaesu VR-120D Communications Receiver.
Information on its installation and operation can be found in the VR-120D Operating Manual, which is provided with the receiver, and Accessory information may be found in the documents accompanying the optional equipment.

– Specifications
– Exploded View & Miscellaneous Parts
– Circuit Description
– Alignment
– Block Diagram
– Board Unit (Schematics, Layouts & Parts): CNTL AF Unit, RF Unit

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