TS881 ST Rail-to-rail 1.1 V Nanopower Comparator Data Sheet

Download Datasheet for ST TS881 Rail-to-rail 1.1 V Nanopower Comparator [17 pages 023340 Rev.1 2012 pdf/zip]

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The TS881 device is a single comparator featuring ultra low supply current (210 nA typical with output high, VCC = 1.2 V, no load) with rail-torail input and output capability. The performance of this comparator allows it to be used in a wide range of portable applications. The TS881 device minimizes battery supply leakage and therefore enhances battery lifetime.
Operating from 1.1 to 5.5 V supply voltage, this comparator can be used over a wide temperature range (-40 to +125 deg C) keeping the current consumption at an ultra low level.
The TS881 device is available in the SC70-5 package, allowing great space saving on the PCB.

TS881 datasheet
– Features
– Pin connections (TS881 pinout)
– Applications
– Description
– Absolute maximum ratings and operating conditions
– Electrical characteristics
– Package information
– Ordering information
– Revision history

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