TIP126 onsemi 5A 80V PNP Darlington Transistor Data Sheet

Download Datasheet for onsemi TIP126 5A 80V PNP Darlington Transistor [8 pages TIP120/D Rev.9 2014 pdf/zip]

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onsemi TIP126 5A 80V PNP Darlington Transistor

Designed for general-purpose amplifier and low-speed switching applications.

– Features
– TIP126 pinout
– Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage
– Maximum Collector-Base Voltage
– Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage
– Maximum Collector Current
– Maximum Base Current
– Maximum Total Power Dissipation
– Maximum Unclamped Inductive Load Energy
– Maximum Operating and Storage Junction Temperature
– Thermal Characteristics
– Electrical Characteristics
– Ordering Information
– Mechanical Case Outline – Package Dimensions

Figure 1. Darlington Circuit Schematic
Figure 2. Power Derating
Figure 3. Switching Times Test Circuit
Figure 4. Switching Times
Figure 5. Thermal Response
Figure 6. Active-Region Safe Operating Area
Figure 7. Small-Signal Current Gain
Figure 8. Capacitance
Figure 9. DC Current Gain
Figure 10. Collector Saturation Region
Figure 11. “On” Voltages