Swimovate PoolMateHR Swim Tracking Watch User Manual

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This PDF user manual is for the Swimovate PoolMateHR Swim Sports Watch.

Swimovate PoolMateHR Swim Sports Watch

Your PoolMateHR has been designed for lap swimming in a pool. It has not been designed to work in Open Water.
The PoolMateHR detects regular stroking patterns that conform to FrontCrawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly strokes only, the PoolMateHR must be put into PAUSE mode when doing drill and kick sets.
The heartrate sensor has been designed to operate in water whilst swimming and open airwhen running or cycling, it works in the magnetic field range of the spectrum and may experience interference in close proximity to some electrical devices.

This product contains a non-replaceable lithium-ion battery.

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Welcome
– Overview
– Selecting your settings
– Setting the Time
– Setting the Alarm
– Setting the Vibration alarm. How to set alarm to vibrate on a different lap count. How to set alarm to vibrate on a Time interval.
– Heartrate Sensing. Chest belt. Transmission signal.
– Swimming. Recording a simple session.
– Swimming sets. Recording individual sets.
– Reviewing your sessions: During your swim; Previous session.
– Log
– Deleting logs
– Chrono. Use the PoolMateHR in this mode when running or cycling.
– The Software Installation
– Charging
– Software setup
– Pod status
– Uploading
– Software operation
– Adding and deleting
– Editing
– Firmware update
– Reporting
– Care and Maintenance
– Warranty
– Certification


Q How does the PoolMateHR work?
A The PoolMateHR contains state of the art motion sensors that detect the motion of your arm. Our unique software algorithms and digital signal processing techniques analyse the data and extract lap, stroke, distance, speed and calorie information automatically.

Q Do I need to press a button at the end of each lap like other lap counters?
A No, The PoolMateHR is fully automatic and will sense when you start a new lap without you having to do anything.

Q Why do I need to enter my weight and sex?
A The PoolMateHR uses these to work out the calories you expend.

Q I want to swim sets, can the PoolMateHR record each set?
A Yes, you can playback all the details from individual sets as well as the details of the total swim session.

Q The PoolMateHR doesn’t work when I’m doing kick sets or some drills.
A The PoolMateHR must be put into Pause mode when kicking or drilling.

Q The PoolMateHR doesn’t count all my laps
A If you have inaccurate lap results make sure the watch is securely attached to your wrist and can’t move around. Also try gliding for a longer period at the start of each lap. This saves you energy and gives the PoolMateHR a little longer to register the change of laps. Some swimmers may find better results wearing the PoolMateHR on the other wrist.

Q Will the PoolMateHR work in Open Water?
A The PoolMateHR has been designed for lap swimming in a pool and this version will not work in Open Water.

Q Can I wear the PoolMateHR on my right arm?
A Yes, the PoolMateHR will work on either wrist, just change the setting in the SETUP menu.

Q Will the PoolMateHR work with tumble turns?
A Yes, the PoolMateHR will work with both tumble turns and when pushing off the wall.

Q What units is the Speed measured in?
A We have found that the time to swim 10Ometres (or yards) is more of a meaningful measure of swimming speed than metres per second or miles an hour as swimmers are used to watching the pool clock and judging speed from it. The Speed shown is the average time in seconds per 100 metres if set to metric units, or yards if set to imperial units.

Q How accurate is the PoolMateHR?
A The watch has been tested on a wide variety of swimmers over an 18 month period prior to launch. We have a 99.75% accuracy rate with our database of thousands of laps from many swimmers with 1500m times of between 22 and 40 minutes. No guarantee is given for accuracy with individual swimmers and rates may differ with users whose strokes or abilities differ from the norm.

Q The PoolMateHR gives strange results when I change strokes mid lap.
A The PoolMateHR has not been designed to recognise changes of stroke part way through a lap. If you are going to change strokes you must do it when you change laps. If a hesitation or interruption in the stroke pattern occurs mid lap this may also cause inaccurate lap counts.

Q The PoolMateHR chest belt slips whilst swimming
A Try wearing the belt underneath a trisuit that covers your upper body

Q Will the watch work with all pools?
A The watch will work with pools over 18m in length. It just needs setting to the pool length before use. In order to recognise you are swimming, the watch needs to detect several swim strokes, if using a small pool you may reach the end before this occurs if this occurs we recommend you try a larger pool.

Q What does the efficiency index measure?
A The efficiency index is based on the recognized Swim Golf method that you may be familiar with. It is the number of strokes plus the time taken to swim 25 metres. Concentrate on reducing this number to increase your efficiency and improve your swimming.

Q The PoolMateHR is not sensing my heartrate
A Firstly check heartrate is enabled in the SETUP menu.
Ensure the heartrate belt contacts are moist and the belt is snugly attached to yourtorso.
If you are close to electrical equipment or other items with a magnetic field try moving a few feet away from them. This may include computers, some treadmills or other heartrate monitors. Press start again and allow the watch to seek your heartrate once more.
Check battery in heartrate belt, if you still have problems contact support

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