Swimovate, a UK-based company, specializes in swim tracking and training devices for swimmers.They are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help swimmers improve their performance, monitor their progress, and enhance their overall swimming experience.

Swimovate offers swim watches and accessories designed to track and analyze swim metrics such as lap count, distance, speed, duration, strokes, and more. These devices utilize advanced technology and algorithms to provide accurate and detailed data, allowing swimmers to track their workouts and set goals for improvement.

Their swim watches are typically water-resistant and equipped with features such as automatic lap counting, stroke detection, interval timing, and even open water swimming capabilities. Some models also incorporate heart rate monitoring and compatibility with other fitness tracking platforms for a comprehensive swimming and fitness tracking experience.

Swimovate focuses on user-friendly designs, ensuring that their products are intuitive and easy to use while swimming. They prioritize durability and resistance to water, chlorine, and other swimming conditions, making their devices suitable for both recreational swimmers and competitive athletes.

In addition to swim watches, Swimovate provides related accessories such as USB charging docks, software for data analysis, and swim caps with embedded sensors for more accurate tracking.

Swimovate aims to support swimmers in their training journeys by providing tools to monitor progress, set goals, and make data-driven improvements. Their products have gained recognition and trust among swimmers of all levels, helping them optimize their performance and achieve their swimming goals.