Petlibro 2L Air Automatic Pet Feeder PLAF008 User Manual

Download User Manual for Shenzhen Libro Technology Petlibro PL-AF008 Air Automatic Pet Feeder (2 Liters) (EN) 22 pages PLAF008_V1.0 pdf/zip

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Petlibro PLAF008 Air Automatic Pet Feeder (2 Liters)

A well-thought-out design for your pet’s health ensures the PETLIBRO AIR is pestproof, spillproof, and stops pets from changing controls.
Just press the top button to remove the air and securely lock the tank. Even if the feeder is tipped over, the pet food is never spilled.
The control panel cover prevents pets from changing the controls.
The secure rotor design keeps pests from entering the food tank via the food outlet and makes sure the pet food is fresh and clean.

Please read this manual before using the product and keep it for future reference.

– What’s in the Box
– Product overview
– LCD display. Battery status indicator.
– Buttons description
– Getting started
– Installation
– Power ON. Using the power adapter and power cable. Using battery power.
– Power OFF.
– Time settings
– Meal settings
– Recommended feeding portions
– Reset
– Manual feeding
– Indicator:
White on – Normal
Red flashes once every second with blank battery status indicator – Low battery warning
Red flashes once every second with “LOWFOOD” indicator – Low food storage level (less than 10% of the total capacity)
Red flashes once every second with “STUCK” indicator – The rotor is stuck
– Disassemble for cleaning
– Care and maintenance
– Troubleshooting:
If a blank battery status indicator shows on the display, please replace the batteries.
If there is a “LOWFOOD” indicator, refill the food tank.
If there is a “STUCK” indicator, disassemble the tank base and remove any food that’s stuck in the rotor.
If the feeder is not dispensing food, make sure you have filled the tank with enough food.
If the feeder won’t turn on, check if the power adapter, power cable, or batteries are correctly installed.
Please make sure the food in the tank is dry, and food size is within 2-15mm (0.07-0.6in) in diameter.
If the food won’t come out, remove the food tank and tank base, and check if the chute inside is blocked.
If the food won’t come out, check whether the battery level is low, whether the power adapter is connected, and whether a power outage occurs when the power adapter is connected but batteries are not installed.
The first few portions may vary, but it doesn’t mean it’s faulty. After about 6 feedings, it should be almost even.
– Specifications
– Safety instructions
– Warranty

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