PETLIBRO was founded in 2019 in CA, USA, in the belief that pet owner should be able to easily connect with their pets via trustable products.
PETLIBRO specializes in providing innovative and high-quality products for pets, particularly cats and dogs. They offer a range of products designed to enhance the well-being and comfort of our furry friends.

PETLIBRO‘s product lineup includes automatic pet feeders, pet water fountains, pet beds, and pet toys. Their automatic pet feeders are designed to provide portion-controlled meals for cats and dogs, ensuring they are fed on time even when their owners are away. The feeders often feature programmable timers, portion control settings, and even voice recording capabilities for personalized mealtime interactions.

The pet water fountains from PETLIBRO provide a continuous flow of fresh and filtered water, encouraging pets to stay hydrated throughout the day. These fountains often have multiple water flow settings and replaceable filters to ensure clean and safe drinking water for pets.

PETLIBRO also offers comfortable and cozy pet beds, providing a warm and inviting space for pets to rest and sleep. The beds are designed with soft and durable materials, and some may feature orthopedic support for pets with specific needs.

In addition to their essential products, PETLIBRO provides a range of interactive and stimulating pet toys to keep cats and dogs entertained and engaged. These toys can help prevent boredom, encourage exercise, and promote mental stimulation for pets.