Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301A Owner’s Guide

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This PDF user manual is for the Ninja CP301A Hot and Cold Brewed System with Glass Carafe.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System with Glass Carafe Model # CP301A

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System(TM) offers a vast array of coffee and tea options, including smooth, naturally sweet cold brew in as little as 10 minutes** and frothy chai lattes and cappuccinos.

These instructions are designed to help you get a complete understanding of your new Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System(TM). Please read carefully and keep for future reference.

(PDF) OWNER’S MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Technical Specifications
– Important Safeguards. Warnings.
– Parts
– Using the Control Panel
– Function Buttons
– Operating Buttons
– SCA Certification
– Before First Use
– Setting the Clock
– Priming Your Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System
– High-Altitude Calibration
– Preparing & Using the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System
– How Much do You Get in Your Cup? Approximate Brew Volumes.
– Coffee Measurement Chart
– Tea Measurement Chart
– Filling the Coffee Brew Basket
– Filling the Tea Brew Basket
– Automatic Drip Stop. Drip Stop Time Settting.
– Intelligent Warming Plate. Stay Warm Button. Time & Temperature Adjustment.
– Brewing
– Custom Brews: Classic & Rich; Over Ice & Cold Brew.
– Signature Brew: Specialty
– Setting the Delay Brew
– Frothing Milk
– Care & Maintenance
– Cleaning After a Brew
– Cleaning Your Water Reservoir
– Cleaning Your Carafe
– Cleaning & Descaling Your Brewing System
– Replacement Parts
– Product Registration
– Warranty
– Troubleshooting Guide:

There’s sediment in my coffee.
• If using a permanent filter, the sediment at the bottom of the brewed coffee may be due to using finely ground coffee.
• To reduce the amount of sediment in the brewed coffee, use a slightly coarser grind or use a paper filter.
NOTE: We DO NOT recommended using a paper filter in conjunction with the permanent filter, as clogging and backing up of water and/or coffee in the filter basket can occur.

OVER ICE Brew and COLD BREW are not cold.
• Ensure your cup, travel mug, or carafe is filled all the way to the top with ice cubes before brewing. Your Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System(TM) will brew at elevated temperatures to lock in the best flavor, then the ice will cool the brewed coffee or tea to the perfect temperature.

Coffee or tea is too weak.
• COFFEE: For stronger coffee, use the RICH brew setting, try darker roast beans, or use the permanent filter rather than a paper filter. If you want an even bolder flavor, you can add more coffee grinds to the brew basket. Additional grinds do absorb liquid, so you will have a more concentrated, smaller cup of coffee.
• TEA: For stronger tea, use the RICH brew setting, or add more tea to the brew basket.

Coffee or tea is too strong.
• COFFEE: For milder coffee, use the CLASSIC brew setting, use lighter roast beans, or use a paper filter rather than the permanent filter. If you want an even milder flavor, you can put fewer coffee grinds in the brew basket.
• TEA: For milder tea, use the CLASSIC brew setting, or use less tea in the brew basket.

Brew cycle is too slow.
• Depending on your settings, your brew time will vary from around 4 minutes to 18 minutes. The progress bar on the control panel will indicate brew status.

Cup or travel mug overflowed.
• Ensure you are using at least a 12 oz. cup for the Cup size, 14 oz. cup for the XL Cup size, 16 oz. travel mug for the Travel Mug size, and 20 oz. travel mug for the XL Multi-Serve size. Brew basket overflowed.
• The bottom of the filter holder may be clogged. This can happen with finely ground coffee or too many coffee grinds in the brew basket. Medium-ground coffee is recommended.
NOTE: When using a paper filter, do not use the permanent filter.

There’s water left in my reservoir.
• The water reservoir markings are minimum fill lines that indicate the amount of water needed for that brew size. However, all brew styles use different amounts of water to create the proper flavor and concentration, leaving some water to remain.

My Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System is leaking.
• After removing the water reservoir, there may be a small amount of water in the reservoir valve. This can be easily removed with a dry cloth.
• If the leak is coming from the brew basket, make sure all parts are assembled correctly and securely. If the leak is coming from the bottom of the brewer, call Customer Service.

CLEAN light is on.
• Run a clean cycle. If you have recently completed a clean cycle, you may need to run a second cycle to remove additional mineral buildup that occurs naturally over time.

There’s no Rooibos or Pu’erh tea type setting.
• Use the Herbal tea setting for Rooibos and the Black tea setting for Pu’erh.


“Add” “Wtr”
• The system does not have enough water in the reservoir to complete your brew. Add fresh water to the reservoir and then press the START/SELECT dial to resume.

• The system has detected that a clean cycle needs be run immediately to remove calcium scale buildup in the boiler. See ‘Cleaning & Descaling Your Brewing System’ for instructions.

“Hot” “Wtr”
• The system has detected that hot water has been added to the water reservoir. Remove the reservoir and empty the hot water. Refill the reservoir with fresh, cool water and return it to the base of the system. Wait until the display no longer shows “Hot” “Wtr” before using the system again.


• If the clock displays “Er” and then a number (ex. “Er 03”), contact Customer Service.

– Maple Pecan Coffee
– Too Good Toffee Coffee
– Thai-Style Iced Coffee
– Cappuccino-Style Coffee
– Toasted Coconut Mocha Cold Brew
– Lavender London Fog
– Country Raspberry Sweet Iced Tea
– Chai Tea Latte
– Spiced Cranberry Orange Cold Brew Tea
– Matcha Green Tea Latte



– Creme De Caramel Coffee
– Maple Pecan Coffee
– Cinnamon Graham Coffee
– Too Good Toffee Coffee
– Mexican Spiced Coffee
– Thai-Style Iced Coffee
– Double Shot White Russian
– Cinnamon Caramel Iced Coffee
– White Chocolate Hazelnut Iced Coffee
– Orange Cream Iced Coffee
– French Vanilla Iced Coffee
– Cold Brew Coffee Lemonade
– Toasted Coconut Mocha Cold Brew
– Vietnamese-Style Cold Brew
– Iced Nutty Cocoa Latte
– Pumpkin Spice Latte
– Cappuccino-Style Coffee
– Flat White
– Mocha Ninjaccino(TM)
– Coffee, Cookies & Cream

– Lemon Ginger Chamomile Tea
– Zen Green Tea
– Lavender London Fog
– Orange Hibiscus Tea
– Watermelon, Mint & Lime Iced Tea
– Apple Ginger Sparkling Iced Tea
– Pineapple Basil Iced Green Tea
– Country Raspberry Sweet Iced Tea
– Spiced Cranberry Orange Cold Brew Tea
– Cucumber Oolong Cold Brew Tea
– Hibiscus Lime Tea
– Chai Tea Latte
– Ginger Peach White Tea Punch
– Golden Milk Latte
– Black Tea Mule
– Chamomile Gin Gimlet
– Oolong Matchaccino
– Matcha Green Tea Latte
– Mint Green Tea & Pistachio Affogato
– Citrus Tea Snow

This owner’s guide / recipe book provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Ninja about the Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301A, including answers to the questions listed above. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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