SharkNinja Operating

SharkNinja is a global product design and technology company based in Needham, Massachusetts.
The company’s name is formed by combining its two primary brands: Shark and Ninja.

The company has its origins in Euro-Pro Operating LLC in 1994, when Mark Rosenzweig of Montreal, whose family had run the business for generations prior to its incorporation, developed steam cleaners and upright vacuums.
The Shark brand was founded in 2007 by Rosenzweig with the launch of the No-Loss-of-Suction vacuum technology. Shortly thereafter, the executive bench was expanded to include Mark Barrocas as SharkNinja‘s president, driving the launch of the Ninja brand in 2009.
The company changed its name in 2015 to capitalize on its brand names’ prominence and popularity.
In 2013 the company registered an entity in the United Kingdom and began selling products in the UK under the Shark brand.

USER MANUALS for SHARK / NINJA home appliances