FlashFish EA150 Portable Power Station User Manual

Download PDF user manual for FlashFish EA150 Portable Solar Generator 150 W (200 W peak) / 166 Wh Li-ion (EN) 12 pages 2020 zip

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This PDF user manual is for the FlashFish 150 W / 166 Wh Portable Solar Generator Model EA150.

FlashFish EA150 Portable Solar Generator 150W 166Wh Li-ion

2 x 110V AC outlets charge CPAP machine/tablet/laptop/camera/drone/fan etc, 3 x USB ports (2 of them are quick charge ports) help for smart phone/ipad/GPS and any electronic devices, 2 x DC ports can be used for vehicle tools like car cleaning and type replacement.
Suitable for travel camping, fishing, outdoor activities, medical care and any emergency situations.
With 45000mAh capacity, pure sine wave, 150W AC continuous power and 200W AC peak power, this power supply pack is able to more stably charge a number of devices for many times.
Compact and lightweight design make it more convenient taken outside.
3 Ways to Recharge: The wall outlet, solar panel and 12V car socket.
This power station is provided with overheat protection, short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, lock-on protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection which prevent your devices from damaging and make you use it at ease.

The purpose of this manual is to help you use the product correctly. Please read the manual carefully and follow the guidance. Keep the User Manual for future reference.

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Attention
– Product Overview. Front overview. Lateral overview.
– Operation Guidance.
– How to charge with the DC output ports of this product? Protection Mode (DC Output).
– How to charge with the AC outlet of this product? Protection Mode (AC Output).
– How to charge with the USB ports of this product?
– How to charge the FlashFish EA150? Charge through AC wall charger. Charge through solar panel. Charge through the cigarette lighter receptacle of your 12V car.
– Cautions
– Product Application Tips
– Cold Weather Usage
– Disposal and Recycle
– Battery Information
– Pure Sine Wave Output
– Product Specifications
– Package Contents

This user manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from FlashFish about the EA150 Portable Solar Generator, including answers to the questions listed above. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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