FlashFish is a brand of portable power stations and solar energy systems owned by Guangzhou Fengjiu New Energy Technology Company.

With years of R&D under its belt, FlashFish has crafted a range of high-performance, cost-effective portable power stations, alongside pioneering portable solar panels and solar generators.

FlashFish Products:

  • Portable Power Stations: FlashFish offers a range of portable power stations with varying capacities and output, suitable for camping, off-grid living, or emergency backup power.
  • Solar Generators: Combining their portable power stations with solar panels, FlashFish creates solar generators that provide clean and quiet power for outdoor activities.
  • Solar Panels: FlashFish offers solar panels compatible with their portable power stations to create a complete solar energy solution.

The solar-powered solutions offered by FlashFish, including outdoor power banks and accessories, are designed to provide reliable, high-quality energy no matter where your adventures take you, so you can stay connected, charged up, and ready to take on the world.

USER MANUALS for FLASHFISH power stations