Bluetti AC50S Portable Power Station User Manual

Download User Manual for Shenzhen PowerOak Newener Bluetti AC50S 300W 500Wh Portable Power Station [15 pages 2020 pdf/zip]

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Bluetti AC50S 300W 500Wh Portable Power Station – Keep Your Gears Running, Indoors And Out.

With large battery capacity of 500Wh it is designed for a backup power supply in power failure at home or for an outdoor off-grid power supply. You can use it to charge various electronic products or power various electric appliances with rated power under 300W. The compact and lightweight design makes it perfect to use at home, in a campervan, or on a camping trip.

Please read this manual before use and follow its guidance. Keep this manual for future reference.

– Forehead
– Safe Operating Guidelines
– Packed Items
– Function Introduction. LCD Screen. LCD Battery Display.
– Charging Instructions. How to charge this product: Solar Panel charge the product. AC charger charge the product. Car charger charge the product.
– Discharge instructions
– Buttons operation: Main power button. DC power button. AC power button.
– Connectible devices
– Estimation of backup time
– Storage and maintenance
– Technical specification
– Troubleshooting: Error code / Cause / Protection Condition / Recovery condition.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(FAQ):
– How to check the state of charge?
– How to use the product to charge other electronic devices?
– What is the depth of discharge (DOD)?
– Can it charge and discharge simultaneously?
– Can it be charged by using 2 solar panels in series?
– How to extend the using time of CPAP ?
– 50Hz/60Hz frequency switching (factory setting: 60 Hz).
– Can the AC output carry a refrigerator or air conditioner?
– Can two power stations be used in parallel?