ZOLEO ZL1000 Global Satellite Communicator User Manual

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This PDF user manual is for the ZOLEO ZL1000 Global Satellite Communicator.

ZOLEO ZL1000 Global Satellite Communicator

Seamless global messaging is here. For anyone who ventures beyond cell coverage, only ZOLEO links with your phone or tablet to provide seamless global messaging that follows you in and out of cell coverage – plus added safety features like SOS alerts and check-in that you can count on world-wide.

The ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator is a portable global messaging device that connects you to the Iridium satellite network for pole-to-pole global coverage.

ZOLEO’s least-cost routing messaging architecture supports delivery over Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite networks, which optimizes your experience by first sending messages via the internet through a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, and then via the Iridium satellite network if internet coverage is unavailable. Conversely, if your ZOLEO communicator is turned off or has no satellite reception, messages will be routed to your ZOLEO App via the internet, so you rarely miss a message.

The ZOLEO system’s ability to detect network availability and route messages accordingly provides an invaluable feature for those who venture in and out of remote areas on a regular basis.

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


1. Introduction: Glossary
2. Items Supplied
3. Features of the ZOLEO Communicator
4. Account Owners and Users
5. Getting Started: Charge your ZOLEO communicator, Activate your ZOLEO communicator, Install the ZOLEO App, Connect your ZOLEO communicator with your ZOLEO App, Test your ZOLEO communicator
6. Turning on and Off
7. Connecting your ZOLEO to the satellite
8. Sending an Emergency SOS: Send an SOS alert, Cancel an SOS alert
9. Send a Check-in Message
10. Location Share+: Starting a Location Share+ session, Stopping a Location Share+ session
11. Messaging: Send a message, Failed messages, Receive a message, Check for messages, Weather forecasts, Messaging status
12. Battery status
13. Satellite signal strength
14. App and Device Settings: Change your ZOLEO App account, Delete your ZOLEO App account, Set the notification sound, Change the Message Check interval, Change Device Alert Volume, Message Tone or LED Brightness, Add or remove your location from check-in messages
15. Summary of LED and Audio Behaviours: Power, Messaging, SOS alerts
16. Power Management: Power-saving settings, Low-battery warning, Hot-battery warning
17. Miscellaneous Information: Find a misplaced ZOLEO communicator, Invite friends to join the ZOLEO community, Change your smartphone or tablet, Share your ZOLEO communicator, Your ZOLEO online account
18. Caring for your ZOLEO communicator
19. Troubleshooting: Problems, causes and solutions. Hardware reset. Factory reset.
20. Software Upgrades: ZOLEO App, ZOLEO communicator
21. Support
22. Technical Specifications

ZOLEO ZL1000 Global Satellite Communicator QUICK START GUIDE
– Introduction
– Device Overview
– Getting Started
– Device Features
– Device LED Description
– Quality of Service and Efficient Operation
– Important Tips

This user manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from ZOLEO about the ZL1000 Global Satellite Communicator. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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