Zinwell NextGen TV Box ZAT-600B User Guide

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This PDF user guide is for the Zinwell ZAT-600B NextGen TV Box.

Zinwell NextGen TV Box ZAT-600B

NextGen TV Box Model: ASTC 3.0 600B

The Zinwell “NextGen TV Box” (Model ZAT-600B) is a stand-alone single-tuner ATSC 1.0/3.0 tuner that accepts a standard digital TV antenna and is designed to decode/tune ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 broadcast signals. The Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box is an ideal accessory for consumers with TVs that do not have built-in ATSC 3.0 tuners. The set-top box allows consumers to receive the best that NEXTGEN TV has to offer without having to upgrade their TV. The Zinwell box supports 4K broadcasts, enhanced Dolby audio, and access to broadcaster applications. The ZAT-600B also features an on-screen TV guide and a universal learning remote control that can be programmed to control a TV and/or sound bar. Certified to carry the NEXTGEN TV logo, the Zinwell ZAT-600B will be security verified to operate without needing an internet connection.

Read through all the instructions carefully before use.



Safety Instructions

General Information:
– Specifications
– Package Contents
– Connections

Remote Control Overview

Programming the Remote Control



Connecting to Internet via Wi-Fi

Connecting to Internet via Ethernet Connection

Live TV Setting Menu:
– Channel Scan (Auto)
– Channel Scan (Manual)
– Audio Settings
– Closed Caption
– Parental Controls
– Change PIN (Default Pin: 0000)
– Time Settings
– User Preferences

Software Update (Internet)

Software Update (USB)

Program Guide

– No Picture
– No Picture but Sound OK
– “No Signal” Appears on the Screen
– Picture is breaking up
– Remote Control is not responding
– USB device is not detected
– Unable to decrypt: Error Code 100 / 101 / 102 / 103 / 104 / 105 / 106 / 107



– Programming the Remote Control

This user guide (as detailed in the table of contents) provides all the information from Zinwell about the ZAT-600B NextGen TV Box. Reading this user guide completely will address most questions you might have about this TV Box. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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