Z Grills Cruiser 200A Portable Pellet Grill ZPG-200A Owner’s Manual

Download PDF user manual for Z Grills Cruiser 200A (ZPG-200A) Portable Wood Pellet Grill (EN) 24 pages VN102021 2021 zip

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This PDF owner’s manual is for the Z Grills Cruiser 200A (ZPG-200A) Portable Wood Pellet Grill.

Z Grills Cruiser 200A (ZPG-200A) Portable Wood Pellet Grill

Masterfully create wood-fired meals anywhere with the Z Grills Cruiser 200A Portable Pellet Grill.

The Cruiser is the perfect grill for small families, campers, tailgaters, RVers, or the single griller. This tabletop pellet grill provides rich wood-fired flavor in a transportable package. With digital temperature control, you can simply set it and let it do all the work for you. Whether your next adventure calls for grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, searing, braising, barbequing, or char-grilling – from the backyard, to the backcountry – the Cruiser has you covered. It’s never been this easy to create superior tasting food while adventuring.

Please read this entire manual before installation and use of the pellet fuel-burning appliance. Failure to follow these instructions could result in property damage, bodily injury or even death.

Save this manual for future reference.

(PDF) Owner’s Manual in English (EN) language.


– Important Safety Info. Pellet Restrictions. Carbon Monoxide Warning.
– Component List. Hardware Package List.
– Assembly Instructions. Parts Diagram. Hopper Burner Assembly. Body Frame Assembly. Installing Chamber Handle To Lid. Attaching The Side Handle. Positioning The Grease Drain Pan. Attaching Cooking Grate. Hang On The Grease Bucket.
– Initial Firing Instructions
– Subsequent Start-Up
– Operating Tips
– Maintenance & Cleaning: Grease, Flue Pipe (Smoke Stack), Outside surfaces, Internal component, Ash
– Troubleshooting
– Error Codes: LEr (Low Temperature Alarm), HEr (High Temperature Alarm), Er 1, Er 2
– Digital Thermostat Control Wiring Diagram
– Z Grills Support
– 3-Y Limited Warranty

This owner’s manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Z Grills about the Cruiser 200A (ZPG-200A) Portable Wood Pellet Grill. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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