Xiegu G90 Portable SDR HF Transceiver Operation Manual

Download User Manual for Chongqing Xiegu Technology G90 20W Portable SDR Short Wave Transceiver [68 pages 1010160204-C v.1.0.4 2018 pdf/zip]

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Xiegu G90 20W Portable SDR Short Wave Transceiver

G90S is a sales version in the People’s Republic of China, and G90 is a sales version in other countries or regions.
This manual applies to both models. The contents of this manual are explained with the G90S model.

The G90S is a short-wave amateur radio transceiver with a portable 20W (built-in ATU) separable head in the SDR architecture.
Based on 24-bit-CODEC sampling, the G90S brings superior transceiver performance and a highly configurable feature experience; the separate head design allows you to flexibly position your host; with built-in high-performance ATU you can meet your needs at any time.

Please read this manual carefully for a better experience and full understanding on operation of the G90S.

– Basic characteristics
– Panel keys
– Head interface
– Tail plate interfcae
– Interface Definitions
– Hand microphone key
– Connection of external power supplies
– Menu operation
– Display interface
– Transceiver start and shutdown
– Selection of working frequency range
– Selection of working mode (MODE)
– Volume adjustment
– Multi-function adjustment knob
– Adjustment of transmitting power (Po)
– Setting engineering frequency
– Automatic antenna tuner (ATU)
– Function key
– SPL and VFO settings
– CW communication
– CW automatic pager
– Standing-wave scanner SWR
– Digital filter
– Line input/output selection
– Channel memory MW
– Call sign editor
– Descriptions of system menu
– Data communication by connecting with computer
– System parameter configuration
– Computer control instructions
– Wave band voltage data
– Performance parameter
– Packed items
– Schematic diagram of connection between G90S and XPA125/125B
– Schematic diagram of CE19 expansion card interface

– Xiegu G90 Radio Data Communication Connection Setup Tutorial.

– Xiegu G90 Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet is intended to augment the current G90 user manual (and there are several versions) and reflects the G90’s functionality with version ‘v1.75 Final’ of its firmware.

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