Whistler WS1010 Handheld Radio Scanner Owner’s Manual

Download User Manual for The Whistler Group WS1010 200 Channel VHF/Air/UHF Handheld Radio Scanner [35 pages 581000a 05A14 2014 pdf/zip]

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Whistler WS1010 200 Channel VHF/Air/UHF Handheld Radio Scanner

This 200-channel scanner can be categorized into 10 separate memory banks. Also, it offers the convenience of one-touch searches of marine, fire/police, air, ham, and weather frequencies.

Please read the user manual carefully before using this product.

– Package Contents
– Scanning Legally
– Features
– Scanner Basics
– Setup
– Connecting the Antenna
– Connecting a Speaker or Headphones
– Powering Your Scanner
– Turning on the Scanner
– Turning Off the Key Tone
– Understanding the Keypad
– Understanding the Display
– Configuring Your Scanner
– Preprogrammed Frequencies
– Programming Channels
– Programming with a Computer
– Cloning Programmed Data
– Searching for Frequencies
– Service Bank Search
– Storing Found Frequencies
– Birdie Frequencies
– Scanning & Monitoring
– Using the Priority Channel
– Spectrum Sweeper
– Locking Out Channels
– Clearing a Stored Channel
– Weather Features
– Receiving All Weather Alerts
– Receiving Alerts for Specific Areas
– Skywarn(TM)
– Additional Information
– Care
– Initializing the Scanner
– Preprogrammed Frequency List
– Service Banks
– Specifications
– FCC Notice
– Limited Warranty

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