Vodafone NZ HT500a Digital TV Recorder User Guide

Download PDF user manual for Vodafone New Zealand HT500a Cable/Terrestrial Digital TV Recorder (EN) 40 pages VTCB088 10/13 2015 zip

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This PDF user guide is for the Vodafone HT500a Cable/Terrestrial Digital TV Recorder.

Vodafone HT500a Cable/Terrestrial Digital TV Recorder

This user guide is to help make the most of your Digital TV Recorder STB (set top box) experience. The Digital TV Recorder provides an easy to use on-screen menu guide to the service.

All Digital TV Recorder features are controllable using the remote control unit.

This allows you to:
– Find out what’s on now/next while continuing to watch current programme.
– See what is on the listings for the next 7 days.
– Browse and purchase content like movies, with Now’s Good.
– Set recording options to record now or in the future.
– Play programmes already recorded.
– Prevent children from viewing unsuitable programmes.
– Set reminders from the planner, TV guide or channel bar.
– Create and modify the favourites list; channels viewed most.
– View additional information about the programme being watched.
– Change the Digital TV Recorder settings.

(PDF) USER GUIDE in English (EN) language.


– Welcome to Digital TV Recorder
– About this user guide
– Contents
– Safety notice
– General information – About the Digital TV Recorder and the TV
– Get started – Turn on the equipment, introducing the remote control and the remote control functions.
– On-screen symbols – A quick guide to the symbols that may be seen while using the Digital TV Recorder.
– Navigating the Digital TV Recorder functions
– The full TV screen – the normal TV viewing mode
– QuickJump menu – Quick access to the main menus of the Digital TV Recorder
– TV guide screen – Shows channel information, resized TV screen and menu options
– Using the channel bar – View channel information while continuing to watch TV
– The planner – Scheduling and recording.
– Playing recordings, replaying live TV
– Now’s Good – Movie rentals.
– Favourites – Managing favourite channels
– Parental control – Options
– Notifications – Messages that may be displayed while using the decoder.
– Settings – Choosing how to use the decoder, parental control settings, disk space management options.
– Troubleshooting – Some steps or suggestions to help resolve simple issues.
– Specifications

By default the user PIN on Vodafone NZ HT500a Digital TV Recorder is set to 0000.

This user guide provides all the information from Vodafone about the HT500a Cable/Terrestrial Digital TV Recorder. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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