Uniden R3 Radar/Laser Detector User’s Manual

Download User Manual for Uniden America Corp R3 Long Range Radar/Laser Detector [32 pages Issue 6 2020 pdf/zip]

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Uniden’s R3 is a top of the line Radar Detector with a built-in GPS feature. With the R3, you can mark geographical points where you commonly encounter radar transmissions. These can be school zones, red-light cameras, and places where police frequently monitor traffic. You can mark these points so the detector will announce “User mark ahead” when you approach them. Among other announcements, the Voice Notification feature lets you know when you are approaching a radar and what type of radar it is (red light, speed, etc).

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– Customer Care
– R3 Overview
– What’s In The Box
– Parts Of The R3. Non-Key Elements. Power Cord. OLED Display
– Install And Turn On R3
– Menu System
– Basic Operations
– Feature Details. Auto DIM. User Marks (Laser And Radar Sites). Red Light Camera Point Delete. Highway vs City Mode. POP Mode. Scan Display. Mode Display. Time Display. Alarm Priorities. Threats. Block Blind Spot Monitor Systems. Mute Memory. Auto Mute/Auto Mute Volume. User Speed Limit. Quiet Ride. Red Light Camera Quiet Ride.
– Maintenance. Updating The Firmware/Database
– Troubleshooting
– Specifications