UNI-T UTi120Mobile Thermal Imager User Manual

Download User Manual for Uni-Trend Technology UTi120Mobile Thermal Imager / Thermal Camera for Smartphone [27 pages 2021 pdf/zip]

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UNI-T UTi120Mobile Thermal Imager for Smart Phone / Smart Phone Thermal Camera
P/N: 110401110192X

UTi120M is a professional smartphone thermal camera module for Android, which is compact, portable, and easy to operate through connecting with mobile phones. UTi120M rovides clear image with a fast response, and can also detect temperature up to 400 degrees. Users can troubleshoot HVAC problems or investigate heat source issues around the house faster and easier with this thermal camera module. It is a perfect tool for DIY homeowners,outdoor lovers, engineers, contractors and builders etc.

In order to use this product safely and correctly, please read this manual thoroughly.

– Preface
– Specifications
– Connection
– Display
– Photos
– Visible Light Blending
– Add Analysis Objects
– Palette
– Settings
– Switch Photo/Video Funstion
– Start/End Taking Photos/Videos
– PiP
– Switch Camera
– Auto/Manual Call Shutter

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