Tektronix VM700A Video Measurement Set Service Manual

Download Service Manual for Tektronix VM700A Video Measurement Set [664 pages 070-8165-03 1996 pdf/zip]

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VM700A Video Measurement Set

This is a service manual for the VM700A video measurement set. The VM700A is a multi-function television test and measurement device that performs the functions of a waveform monitor, vector scope, automatic measurement set, and noise measurement set on acquired television signals. The user may select a display of numeric values to confirm the quality of the signal path, or may select graphic displays for more detailed analysis.

This manual contains the following sections:
1. Specification – Lists the major specifications of the VM700A and the Option 01 and Option 11 measurements. Other option specifications are contained in the associated Option User Manuals.
2. Operating Information – Introduces the VM700A, describes its major features, and the controls and connectors of the instruments.
3. Theory of Operation – Contains functional circuit descriptions of the VM700A’s circuit boards to aid in understanding the instrument for servicing.
4. Verification and Adjustment- Procedures for verifying the operation of the VM700A and adjustments to return the VM700A to specification after a board exchange.
5. Maintenance – Customer service information and illustrated, step-by-step procedures for removing and replacing the field-replaceable assemblies of the VM700A.
6. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics – Contains information to help you troubleshoot the VM700A and replace faulty circuit boards or other defective system components.
7. Replaceable Electrical Parts List – The replaceable electrical parts are listed by assembly and circuit component number.
8. Diagram and Circuit Board Illustrations – Schematic diagrams and circuit board illustrations are supplied to assist in circuit repairs.
9. Replaceable Mechanical Parts List – Exploded views and lists of the replaceable mechanical parts are provided to aid in locating a replacement part.