Technicolor TG582n Wireless Multi-User ADSL2+ Gateway Setup and User Guide

Download Setup and User Guide for Technicolor TG582n Wireless Multi-User ADSL2+ Gateway [94 pages DMS-CTC-20101206-0009 v1.0 2011 pdf/zip]

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In this Setup and User Guide

The goal of this Setup and User Guide is to show you:
– Set up your Technicolor Gateway and local network
– Configure and use the main features of your Technicolor Gateway.

1 Getting Started
1.1 Features At A Glance
1.2 Components
1.2.1 Power
1.2.2 Local Network Connection
1.2.3 Broadband Connection
1.2.4 Buttons
1.2.5 Status LEDs
1.3 Preparing for the Installation
2 Guided Installation
3 Manual Installation
3.1 Connecting the Technicolor Gateway to your Service Provider’s Network
3.2 Powering on the Technicolor Gateway
3.3 Connecting Your Network Devices to the Technicolor Gateway
3.3.1 Setting up a Wireless Connection
3.3.2 Setting up a Wired Connection
3.4 Configure the Technicolor Gateway
3.5 Setting Up the 3G Fall-Back WAN Connection
3.5.1 Managing your Mobile Connection with the Technicolor Gateway GUI
3.5.2 Inserting a Mobile USB Adapter
4 Configuration Tools
4.1 Technicolor Gateway GUI
4.1.1 Access
4.1.2 Components
4.1.3 Protecting Access to the Technicolor Gateway
4.2 Backing Up/Restoring your Configuration
4.3 Access From the Internet
5 The Technicolor Gateway Wireless Access Point
5.1 Connecting Your Wireless Client via WPS
5.2 Connecting Your Wireless Client without WPS
5.3 Securing Your Wireless Connection
6 Saving Energy with Your Technicolor Gateway
6.1 Code of Conduct
6.2 ECO Manager
6.3 Manually Switching Off Services to Reduce Power
7 Sharing Content on your Technicolor Gateway
7.1 The Network File Server
7.2 The UPnP AV Media Server
7.2.1 Configuring the UPnP AV Media Server
7.2.2 Using the UPnP AV Media Server
7.3 The FTP Server
7.4 Managing your Shared Content
7.5 Safely Removing your USB Storage Device
8 Technicolor Gateway Network Services
8.1 UPnP
8.1.1 Accessing Your Technicolor Gateway via UPnP
8.1.2 Managing your Internet connection via UPnP
8.1.3 Configuring UPnP on the Technicolor Gateway
8.1.4 Installing UPnP on Windows XP
8.2 Assigning a service (HTTP, FTP,…) to a Computer
8.3 Dynamic DNS
9 Internet Security
9.1 Parental Control
9.1.1 Configuring Content-based Filtering
9.1.2 Adding Rules for Address-Based Filtering
9.2 Firewall
10 Support
10.1 Setup Troubleshooting
10.2 General Technicolor Gateway Troubleshooting
10.3 Wired Connection Troubleshooting
10.4 Wireless Connection Troubleshooting
10.5 Reset to Factory Defaults

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