TDA8377 Philips I2C-bus controlled NTSC TV-processor Data Sheet

Download Datasheet for Philips Semiconductors TDA8377 I2C-bus controlled NTSC TV-processor [72 pages SCA54 1997 pdf/zip]

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Available in all ICs:
– Vision IF amplifier with high sensitivity and good figures for differential phase and gain
– PLL demodulator for the IF signal
– Alignment-free sound demodulator
– Flexible source selection with a CVBS input for the internal signal and Y/C or CVBS input for the external signal
– Audio switch
– The output signal of the CVBS (Y/C) switch is externally available
– Integrated chrominance trap and band-pass filters (auto-calibrated)
– Luminance delay line integrated
– A symmetrical peaking circuit in the luminance channel
– Black stretching of non-standard CVBS or luminance signals
– RGB control circuit with black current stabilization and white point adjustment
– Linear RGB inputs and fast blanking
– Horizontal synchronization with two control loops and alignment-free horizontal oscillator
– Slow start and slow stop of the horizontal drive pulses
– Vertical count-down circuit
– Vertical driver optimized for DC-coupled vertical output stages
– I2C-bus control of various functions
– Low dissipation
– Small amount of peripheral components compared with competition ICs.

The various versions of the TDA837x series are I2C-bus controlled single-chip TV processors which are intended to be applied in PAL/NTSC (TDA8374 and TDA8375) and NTSC (TDA8373 and TDA8377) television receivers.
All ICs are available in an SDIP56 package and some versions are also available in a QFP64 package. The ICs are pin compatible so that with one application board NTSC and PAL/NTSC (or multistandard together with the SECAM decoder TDA8395) receivers can be built.
Functionally this IC series is split in to 2 categories:
– Versions intended to be used in economy TV receivers with all basic functions
– Versions with additional functions such as E-W geometry control, horizontal and vertical zoom function and YUV interface which are intended for TV receivers with 110 deg. picture tubes.