Syrp Genie Mini II Setup Guide

Download User Manual for Manfrotto Syrp Genie Mini II Motion Control [14 pages 2019 pdf/zip]



Syrp Genie Mini II

The Genie Mini II is an extremely easy-to-use, portable device to create smooth panning motion time-lapse or video.
Going beyond the basics, the Genie Mini II is highly versatile and packed with many other powerful features including: Keyframe motion control, 360 deg Panorama mode, Product Turntable automation and Pan and Tilt motion when combined with a second Genie Mini II.
Connect wirelessly with the Manfrotto Genie 2 App, a beautifully simple iOS and Android App that accommodates both beginners through to experienced filmmakers and photographers.
Designed to sit between your camera and tripod, the Genie Mini II has an internal motor that enables precise 360 deg panning motion with cameras weighing up to 4kg / 8.8 lb.
Powered by an in-built lithium-ion battery, the compact Mini II offers a battery life of 8hrs of time-lapse recording and up to 4hrs of video recording, all on a single charge.

This Setup Guide will take you through the basics, to get you started using your Genie Mini II for the first time.

– Whats in the Box
– Genie Mini II Interface
– Charging
– Mount the Genie Mini II
– Shutter Control
– Camera Control
– Device Connection
– App Connect
– Firmware Update
– Genie Mini II Quick Tips
– Firmware Tips

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