Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt Setup Guide

Download User Manual for Manfrotto Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt Motion Control [28 pages 2018 pdf/zip]



Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt

Portable camera motion control in your backpack. Genie II Pan Tilt offers the filmmaker a world of options when out filming. Use it with a tripod for precise pan and tilt motion control or combine it with Genie II Linear for 3-Axis motion control.
Stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor, the Genie II Pan Tilt comes packed with features including time-lapse, video, keyframing, multi-row panorama and more.
Using the very latest technology in high-speed wireless communication and motor control, the Genie II offers an unparalleled motion control system, controlled via iOS or Android. Also included is an on-board display for set up without the need for the mobile app, giving you ultimate flexibility when on location.
The form factor of the device is incredibly compact, slotting into a regular camera bag with ease and is capable of full 180 degrees of tilting motion and 360 degrees pan.

This guide will walk you through the correct Genie II set up, as well as some helpful tips.
We also suggest that you keep this guide for future reference.

– What’s in the Box
– Front/Rear view
– Quick Release Camera Plate
– Mount Camera
– Mount the Genie. Genie II Linear. Standard Tripod.
– Mounting Warning
– Remove / Install Battery
– Camera Control
– Connect to Genie
– App Connect
– Joystick Navigation
– Joystick Drive
– Charging
– Genie Quick Tips
– Firmware Tips
– User Warnings

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