Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch User Guide

Download PDF user manual for Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch (EN|BG|EL|NL|TR|TL|ZH|ZH-TW) 182 pages 2021 zip

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This PDF user manual is for the Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch

Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch

Smartwatch with versatile sports experience.

Suunto 7 combines Suunto’s versatile sports  experience, sleep and health insights, free offline outdoor maps with navigation, and  helpful smartwatch features from  Wear OS by Google(TM).​
Suunto 7 works with Android(TM) and iOS phones.​

(PDF) USER GUIDE in English (EN), Bulgarian (BG), Greek (EL), Dutch (NL), Turkish (TR), Tagalog (TL) and Chinese (ZH) languages.


1. Welcome

2. Get started
– Your Suunto 7
– Set up and pair your Suunto 7
– Change language
– Charge your watch
– Learn to navigate your Suunto 7
– Wake up your display
– Connect to the Internet
– Keep your Suunto 7 up to date
– Set an alarm
– Turn your watch on and off
– Restart your watch
– Reset your watch to factory settings

3. Wear OS by Google
– Google Assistant
– Google Pay
– Google Fit
– Google Play Store
– Use and manage apps
– Get notifications on your watch
– View and manage your Tiles

4. Customize your watch
– Customize watch faces
– Customize button shortcuts
– Change watch straps

5. Sports by Suunto
– Suunto Wear app on your watch
– Suunto mobile app on your phone
– Suunto maps
– Different sports and measurements
– Start an exercise
– Control watch during exercise
– Pause and resume exercise
– End and review exercise
– Swimming with Suunto 7
– Exercise with maps
– Route navigation
– Exercise with music
– Exercise options
– Map options
– General options
– Diary

6. Heart rate
– Follow your heart rate with Suunto 7

7. Daily activity
– Daily heart rate
– Body resources
– Turn on Daily heart rate & resources

8. Sleep
– Turn sleep tracking on
– Sleep report
– Cinema mode
– Sleep insights in Suunto mobile app

9. Music
– Control music from your wrist
– Listen to music without your phone

10. Battery life
– Maximize battery life in daily use
– Maximize battery life during exercise
– Check battery life & usage

11. FAQ

12. How to videos

13. Care and support
– Handling guidelines
– Disposal
– Getting support

14. Glossary

15. Reference
– Manufacturer’s info
– Compliance
– Trademark
– Patent notice
– Copyright
– International Limited Warranty

16. Safety
– Types of safety precautions
– Safety precautions

This instruction manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Suunto about the Model 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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