SUBGEAR XP10 Dive Computer Operating Manual

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SUBGEAR XP10 Dive Computer

XP10 displays all important dive and decompression data and has a memory which stores the full dive data.

You must carefully read and understand this entire manual before using your SUBGEAR XP10.


I. Safety considerations
– Introduction
– Important remarks concerning signal words and symbols
– Quick reference / Operating scheme
– List of chapters

II. System and operation
1. System description
2. Operation
2.1 Push buttons
2.2 Water contacts
2.3 Dive.Log dedicated software application
2.4 Switching on the display
2.5 How to navigate XP10 at the surface
2.6 Checking the desaturation time
2.7 Checking the surface interval
2.8 Displaying the date
2.9 Checking the battery condition
2.10 Active backlight
2.11 Switching off the display
2.12 Alarm clock
3. SOS mode

III. Diving with XP10
1. Terminology / Symbols
1.1 General terminology / Display during no-stop phase
1.2 Display during decompression phase
1.3 Nitrox information (O2 information)
2. Attention messages and alarms
2.1 Attention messages
2.2 Alarms
3. Preparation for the dive
3.1 Setting the gas mixture and ppO2 max
3.2 Preparation for the dive and function check
4. Functions during the dive
4.1 Immersion
4.2 Dive time
4.3 Current depth / O2% mix
4.4 Maximum depth / Temperature
4.5 Ascent rate
4.6 Partial pressure of oxygen (ppO2 max) / Maximum Operating Depth (MOD)
4.7 Oxygen toxicity (CNS O2%)
4.8 Nitrogen loading bar graph
4.9 Decompression information
4.10 Safety stop timer
5. Functions at the surface
5.1 End of a dive
5.2 Residual nitrogen bar graph
5.3 Desaturation time, No-fly time and No-dive warning
6. Diving in mountain lakes
6.1 Altitude ranges
6.2 Prohibited altitude
6.3 Decompression dives in mountain lakes

IV. Dive planner
1. Planning a no-stop dive
2. Leaving the dive planner

V. Logbook
1. Survey
2. Operation

VI. Settings
1. Menu “set 1”
2. Menu “set 2”

VII. Appendix
1. Technical information
2. Maintenance
2.1 Replacing the battery (Battery kit includes battery and Teflon coated o-ring)
3. Warranty
4. Index

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