Suaoki U3 Jump Starter User Manual

Download User Manual for Suaoki U3 200A (400A peak) Jump Starter 8000mAh / 29.6Wh [8 pages 2017 pdf/zip]

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Suaoki U3 200A (400A peak) Jump Starter 8000mAh/29.6Wh

Suaoki U3 is a 3-in-1 device, functioning as a jump starter to boost flat car battery, as a portable power bank to charge your electronic devices and as a LED flashlight.

Please read the user manual carefully before use and keep it for future reference.

– Cautions
– Instructions
– Reading the power indicator
– Check the remaining power level
– Check the current charging status
– Low Power Warning
– Auto power off
– Charging the jump starter
– Jump starting a car
– Operation Guidance
– Charging electronic devices
– Using the LED flashlight
– Product Parameter
– Package Content
– Warranty

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