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This PDF user manual is for the Suaoki PS5B Portable Power Station.

Suaoki PS5B Portable Power Station 300W 400Wh Li-ion

This product is designed to keep you powered while you’re outdoors and off the grid. With its massive 400 watt-hours battery capacity, you can keep your laptops, mobile phones, television, and other electronics up and running for hours. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, living in your van while you travel the world, or camping in the open, the PS5B we always keep your gadgets and appliances powered.

Please read this user manual carefully before using the product.

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Introduction
– Get to know your portable power supply: Ports, Buttons, Display.
– Package Content
– LCD Battery Display
– Charging with solar panel
– Charging with AC adapter
– Charging with a car charger
– Using your portable power supply
– What to power with the portable power supply
– How to use
– Best-usage strategy
– Cold Weather Usage
– Low Temperature Charging Protection
– Low Temperature Discharging Protection
– Storage and Downtime Maintenance
– Jump Start a car
– Technical Specifications

(Q): What type of battery is in the PS5B?
(A): A Lithium-ion battery. It is much smaller and lighter in weight than the normal SLA battery, and also has much more cycles than that of a conventional SLA or AGM battery. It can last longer if you don’t drain them completely.

(Q): How do you know if your portable power supply is charged?
(A): To check the charging/battery status of your portable power supply, please refer to the LCD display. When lit up, you will see a battery outline with five segments, indicating the current battery level. You can turn on the battery display by pressing the master power button. It is OK to use your PS5B even when it’s not fully charged.

(Q): How do you know if your device will work with a certain product?
(A): First, you need to determine the amount of power your device requires. This may require some research on your own. Examine the user guide for your device, and this should give you enough information on power needs. Second, you will need to check the capacity for the individual output ports on the PS5B. For example, the AC port is monitored by an inverter that allows for 300W of continuous power. This means if your device is a pulling more than 300W for an extended period of time, then the PS5B portable power supply will not be compatiĀ­ble with and will shut down.

(Q): Depth Of Discharge(DOD)
(A): To prolong the battery life, we have set the DOD at 80% for this portable power supply. This means only 80% of 400Wh can be discharged.

Here are some common devices and their watt-hour requirements:
– Smartphone (2~4Wh) 100+ Recharges
– Tablet (25~42Wh) 10+ Recharges
– Laptop (50Wh) 8+ Hrs
– Desktop computer (100W) 4 Hrs
– Mini fridge (30-60W) 6~12 Hrs
– 30″ LCD TV (98-156W) 2~4 Hrs
– Vacuum cleaner (200-300W) 1~2 Hrs
– Blender/Processor (200-300W) 1~2Hrs
It is advised to do some research on the power consumption of your devices that you want to run on the PS5B so that you have a good estimate on how much power you need and how long can the portable power supply work for.

If your device cannot be charged with this portable power supply, follow these steps:
1. Make sure the Master Power Button is turned on.
2. Ensure the output port is turned on. The green LED light indicating its state should be lit up.
3. Check the battery capacity display. If it’s at 20% or below, you need to charge the portable power supply first.
4. Verify your device is compatible with the PS5B. All the output ports have their own max power capacity, please check them as well.
If you are still experiencing trouble with this product, and reading some error mesĀ­sages on the LCD display, please read the following troubleshooting chart for help.

This user manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Suaoki about the PS5B Portable Power Station. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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