STK402-120 Sanyo Two-Channel Class AB Audio Power Amplifier IC 80W+80W Data Sheet

Download Datasheet for Sanyo STK402-120 2-channel Class AB Audio Power Amplifier 80W+80W [4 pages D0102AS (OT) No 7067 pdf/zip]

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The STK402-000 series products are audio power amplifier hybrid ICs that consist of optimally-designed discrete component power amplifier circuits that have been miniaturized using SANYO’s unique insulated metal substrate technology (IMST). SANYO has adopted a new low thermal resistance substrate in these products to reduce the package size by about 60% as compared to the earlier SANYO STK407-000 series.

– Series of pin compatible power amplifiers ranging from 20 W x 2 channels to 120 W x 2 channel (10%/1 kHz) devices. The same printed circuit board can be used depending on the output power grade.
– The pin arrangement is compatible with that of the 3-channel STK402-200 series. This means that 3-channel printed circuit boards can also be used for 2-channel products.
– Miniature packages
– Output load impedance: RL = 6 Ohms
– Allowable load shorted time: 0.3 seconds
– Supports the use of standby, muting, and load shorting protection circuits.

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