Samsung STB-E7900M Freeview Smart HD Recorder User Manual

Download User Manual for Samsung Electronics STB-E7900M Freeview Smart HD Recorder [71 pages AK68-02230Q-00 2012 pdf/zip]

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STB-E7900M Smart High Definition Freeview PVR with 1 TB HDD


– Front and Rear panels
– Remote Control guide
– Setting the Remote Control to Operate Your TV
– Connecting to a TV with an Audio/Video cables and RF cable
– Connecting to a Network Router
– The Setup Procedure
– Settings Menu Functions
– Configuring Your Network Connection
– AllShare Settings
– Upgrading Software
– Insert a USB or Mobile Phone to the USB port
– Watching TV Channels
– Using the PIP (Picture-In-Picture) function
– Channel Management
– Schedule Manager
– Recording
– Timeshift function
– Using Smart Hub
– Using the Web Browser
– Samsung Smart View
– STB-E7900M Troubleshooting
– STB-E7900M Specifications

The default PIN of STB-E7900M is 0000.

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