Samsung STB-E7500M Freeview Smart HD Recorder User Manual

Download PDF user manual for Samsung Electronics STB-E7500M Freeview Smart HD Recorder (EN) 71 pages AK68-02230Q-00 2012 zip

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This PDF user manual is for the Samsung STB-E7500M Freeview Smart HD Recorder.

Samsung STB-E7500M Freeview Smart HD Recorder (PVR) with 500Gb HDD

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Front and Rear panels
– Remote Control guide
– Setting the Remote Control to Operate Your TV
– Connecting to a TV with an Audio/Video cables and RF cable
– Connecting to a Network Router
– The Setup Procedure
– Settings Menu Functions
– Configuring Your Network Connection
– AllShare Settings
– Upgrading Software
– Insert a USB or Mobile Phone to the USB port
– Watching TV Channels
– Using the PIP (Picture-In-Picture) function
– Channel Management
– Schedule Manager
– Recording
– Timeshift function
– Using Smart Hub
– Using the Web Browser
– Samsung Smart View
– STB-E7500M Troubleshooting
– STB-E7500M Specifications

The default PIN of STB-E7500M is 0000.

This user manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Samsung about the STB-E7500M Freeview Smart HD Recorder, including answers to the questions listed above. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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