Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier Owner’s Manual

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This PDF owner’s manual is for the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier.

Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier

The award winning Cronus Magnum has garnered an enviable reputation in the high end audio world. Even at its attainable price, it outperforms other integrated amps costing many times more. The pure tube design provides a smooth, almost liquid sound that has made this amp a reviewer favorite. With circuitry borrowed from Rogue Audio most advanced amplifier designs, the Cronus Magnum’s 100WPC effortlessly reproduces even the most demanding musical passages.
The Magnum III features a number of exciting new upgrades.For vinyl enthusiasts the phono section has been completely redesigned to accommodate both MM and MC cartridges. Two gain settings provide for 45dB and 60dB of gain so you can now use either high or low output cartridges. The phono also has five individual load settings so you can fine tune the phono for optimal results.
A Triode/Ultralinear switch allows for on the fly switching between Ultralinear operation and pure triode. Ultralinear offers the most power and a commanding grip on the bass while triode provides a slightly softer and more romantic sound.
A completely new headphone circuit is based around MOSFET buffers capable of massive current sourcing. The design is basically a simplified single ended version of Rogue Audio RH-5 headphone amplifier and puts out enough power to drive the most difficult headphones for clean crisp personal audio.
The line stage has been improved and has an amazingly low noise floor for a completely black background for your listening.
From a technical standpoint the Cronus uses a triode preamplifier coupled to Rogue Audio excellent Atlas Magnum power amplfier. A large oversized linear power supply stores tremendous energy for low frequency response and dynamic headroom. The tube circuitry is cutting edge with short signal paths exacted in a low noise design. Finally, precision components are used to provide the transparency and air that are so critical to accurate musical reproduction.

Please, take the time to read through this short manual so that you can be confident that you have set up your amplifier properly.

(PDF) OWNER’S MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Introduction
– Unpacking the Cronus Magnum III
– Installing the Cronus into your system
– Connecting the Cronus to your loudspeakers
– Connecting Cronus to source components
– Connecting the Cronus to a turntable
– Connecting the Cronus to headphones
– Connecting the Cronus to the power outlet
– Amplifier Location
– Operation of the amplifier
– Setting the tube bias
– Triode/Ultralinear switch
– Phono Preamplifier
– Setting the cartridge loading
– Resistive Loading Table
– Setting the phono gain
– Fuse values
– Specifications
– Limited warranty

Figure 1. Tube and Deck Layout
Figure 2. Rear panel layout
Figure 3. Removable hatch plate
Figure 4. Phono preamplifier


Speaker Hum – If hum can be heard from more than a few inches from the loudspeaker, there is probably a ground loop. Be sure to have the amp and all sources plugged into the same outlet if possible. If this fails to cure the hum, call customer service at Rogue Audio for further advice.

Tube will not bias – If the meter provides a reading but the tube will not bias, the tube is probably bad. If no meter reading can be attained, check the fuse (1/4 Amp slow blow). If the fuse is bad, replace the fuse and then set the bias. If the bias will not maintain itself and the fuse blows again, the tube should be replaced.

Bias Meter reading is too high – Check that you do not have two of the bias switches turned on.

Output sounds distorted – Check the bias on the output tubes to ensure that the tubes are operating properly.

This owner’s manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Rogue Audio about the Cronus Magnum III Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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