RIGOL DS1052D Digital Oscilloscope User’s Guide

Download User Manual for RIGOL Technologies DS1052D Digital Oscilloscope [166 pages UGA07114-1110 2010 pdf/zip]

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This book covers the following type of DS1000D Series Digital Oscilloscope: DS1052D (With Logic Analyzer)

DS1052D is kind of economical digital oscilloscope with high-performance.
DS1052D is designed with dual channels and 1 external trigger channel as well as 16 channels logic analyzer.

Read the User’s Guide carefully before operating the Oscilloscope.


Safety Notices

General-Purpose Oscilloscopes

Chapter 1 Quick Start
– To Inspect the Instrument
– The Panels and User Interface
– Appearance and Dimensions
– To Perform a Functional Check
– To Compensate Probes
– Digital Leads (Only for DS1000D Series)
– To Display a Signal Automatically
– To Understand the Vertical System
– To Understand the Horizontal System
– To Understand the Trigger System

Chapter 2 Operating Your Oscilloscope
– To Set up the Vertical System
– To Set up the Horizontal System
– To Set up the Trigger System
– To Set up the Sampling System
– To Set up the Display System
– To Store and Recall
– To Set up the Utility System
– To Measure Automatically
– To Measure with Cursors
– To Use Run Control Buttons

Chapter 3 Application & Examples
Example 1: Taking Simple Measurements
Example 2: View a Signal Delay Caused by a Circuit
Example 3: Capture a Single-Shot Signal
Example 4: To Reduce the Random Noise on a Signal
Example 5: Making Cursor Measurements
Example 6: The application of the X-Y operation
Example 7: Triggering on a Video Signal
Example 8: FFT Cursor measurement
Example 9: Pass/Fail Test
Example 10: Triggering on a Digital Signal

Chapter 4 Troubleshooting

Chapter 5 Specifications

Chapter 6 Appendix

Appendix A: Accessories
Appendix B: Warranty
Appendix C: Care and Cleaning
Appendix D: Contact RIGOL


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