Renogy Lycan 5000 Power Box RPB4835OA-48LFPA12S User Manual

Download User Manual for Renogy Lycan 5000 RPB4835OA-48LFPA12S Power Box 3500W (7000W peak) 4800Wh LiFePO4 [65 pages Version A1 2022 pdf/zip]

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Renogy Lycan 5000 Power Box 3500W (7000W peak) 4800Wh LiFePO4
Model: RPB4835OA-48LFPA12S

The Renogy LYCAN 5000 Power Box is an all-in-one energy storage system specially designed to supply power during emergencies, power outages, or to provide power for off-grid homes. With a 4.8kWh capacity and a 3500W pure sine wave AC output, the LYCAN can deliver reliable power to most home appliances. Connecting LYCAN to both solar panels and AC outlets can further shorten the charging time to 1 hour from 0% to 80%.

The User Manual provides important installation, operation, and maintenance instructions for LYCAN 5000 Power Box. Please read the User Manual carefully before installation and operation and save it for future reference.

– Important Safety Information
– Introduction
– Key Features
– Package Contents
– Product Overview
– Wiring Diagram
– Installation
– Preparation
– Installation. Required Tools and Accessories. Environment Requirements.
– Turning On
– Charging: AC Charging, Solar Charging.
– Powering Appliances: Temporary Power Supply, Off-Grid Living, Emergency Backup.
– Bluetooth Pairing
– Checking Operation Status: Checking Solar Inverter Charger Operation Status (Display Symbol description, Display Menu, Error Code, Indicator Description), Checking Battery Operation Status (Indicator Description).
– Parameter Settings.
– Operations
– Setting Menu
– Turning Off
– Capacity Expansion
– Temperature Conditioning. Cooling Fan. Built-In Heater.
– Maintenance. Inspection. Cleaning. Storage.
– Emergency Responses. Fire. Flooding. Usual Smell. Usual Noise.
– Technical Specifications: General, Battery, Input, Output.

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