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This PDF manual provides comprehensive instructions for assembling, operating, and installing the RELIABILT Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Item # 3799510.
It is important to read and understand the entire manual before attempting any actions with the deadbolt.
The manual covers various topics, including the unit interface, programming instructions, door handing identification process, and battery replacement. It also explains the purpose and usage of different components, such as the programming button, number buttons, cylinder, washer, battery lid, battery holder, R button (reset), and turn-piece.
Overall, this manual serves as a comprehensive guide to help users effectively assemble, operate, and install the RELIABILT Electronic Keypad Deadbolt, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

RELIABILT Electronic Keypad Deadbolt, Item # 3799510

Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate or install the product.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL in English (EN) and EspaƱol (ES) languages.


Safety Information


Care And Maintenance

User Guide

Unit Interface: Programming Button, Number Buttons, Cylinder, Washer, Battery Lid, Battery Holder, R Button (Reset), Turn-piece

Operating Instructions

Operation Indicator Sounds and Lights:
Sounds | Lights | Meaning
1 Beep | Flashes Green Once | Successful Operation
2 Long Beeps | Flashes Green Twice | Successful Programming
3 Beeps | Flashes Red 3 Times | Operation Error
5 Beeps | Flashes Red 5 Times | Code Input Error; System Shuts Down for 45 seconds
10 Rapid Beeps | Flashes Red 10 Times | Low Battery Power
– | Flashes Orange 3 Times | Default Setting Restored
– | Flashes Orange Slowly | In Programming Mode

Default programming code (PC): 0000 Default user code (UC): 1234

– Door Handing Identification Process
– Change Programming Code
– Add New User Code
– Delete an Existing User Code
– Delete All User Codes at Once
– Toggle Auto-Lock On/Off
– Set Auto-Lock Time Delay
– Toggle Mute On/Off
– Enable/Disable All User Codes
– Create a One-Time User Code 4-10 Digits Long
– Restore Default Settings

Trouble Shooting:

Q: After installing the lockset and batteries, the door can’t be locked and three short beeps are emitted when you press the Programming button.
A: The door-handing identification process isn’t yet complete.

Q: You’ve installed the lockset and batteries, but you still get no response when you press any button.
A: Batteries were installed incorrectly.

Q: When you are in the door-handing identifying process, you get the red light flashing three times, and three short beeps.
A: Wrong door-handing or change of the door-handing in the memory.

Q: Although you succeeded in the first execution of the door-handing identifying process, the latch still doesn’t work. (i.e. You can feel the motor attempting to run, but the latch bolt is stuck, and the turnpiece can’t be rotated.)
A: Low battery

Q: Although the electronic deadbolt has been functioning normally, the latch bolt suddenly locks up, and the turnpiece inside can’t be rotated, not even with a key.
A: The deadbolt latch is stuck due to a warped door or misaligned door.

Q: The door can be locked normally, but when you try to unlock it, you hear three short beeps and the lock won’t unlock when you enter the user code and press the programming button.
A: The sensor did not sense position.

Q: While the door is locked, you hear the latch bolt coming out when you press the programming button to lock the door; however, three short beeps are emitted. Conversely, while the door is open, no beeps are emitted when locking the latch bolt.
A: (1) The depth of the latch bolt hole is insufficient. (2) The latch bolt is not aimed at the opening of the strike.


– Tools needed
– Adjustable Latch Backset
– Change Latch Face
– Drive-in Installation
– Prepare door and check dimensions
– Install Latch
– Install Strike
– Install Keypad Assembly
– Install Inside Mounting Plate
– Identify Door Handing
– Adjust Thumb Turn Piece
– Install Interior Assembly
– Insert Batteries

Drill Template

This Instruction Manual provides answers to a wide range of questions related to using your RELIABILT Electronic Keypad Deadbolt:

– How long does it take to assemble the product?
– How can I lock/unlock the lockset from inside and outside?
– How many digits can each user code be?
– How can I change the batteries in the lock?
– What does the R button do?
– How many user codes can be stored in the lock?
– How can I add or delete user codes?
– Can I change the default programming code and default user code?
– How can I set the auto-lock time delay?
– How can I enable or disable all user codes?

The full Instruction Manual may contain additional information and answer more specific questions about the operation, functions and features of the RELIABILT Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Item # 3799510.

This instruction manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from RELIABILT about the 3799510 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt, including answers to the questions listed above. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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