RECTEQ RT-G450 Matador Gas Wok Cooker Manual

Download User Manual for recteq RT-G450 Matador Gas Wok Cooker [14 pages 2021 pdf/zip]

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– Assembly Manual and Users Guide

– RT-G450 Assembly:
Step 1: Unpack and Prepare for Assembly
Step 2: Assemble Base
Step 3: Build Burner Assembly
Step 4: Install Burner Assembly and Flame Guard
Step 5: Install Regulator and Hose Adapter
Step 6: Install Tool Hook and Utensils
Step 7: Install Lid Handle to Lid
Step 8: Install Pan and Lid

– Initial Setup Procedure

– Operating, Care, and Storage

– Tips and Tricks

– Troubleshooting

– Gas Leak Testing

– Warranty

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