Power AirFryer 2-quart YJ-803 Owner’s Manual

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This PDF owner’s manual is for the Power AirFryer 2-quart Classic Series YJ-803.

Power AirFryer 2-quart Classic Series Model: YJ-803

The Power AirFryer not only cooks your favorite fried foods but also broils and bakes many other favorites like air-fried burgers, calzones, and doughnuts.

The Power AirFryer will provide you many years of delicious family meals and memories around the dinner table. But before you begin, it’s very important that you read this entire manual, making certain that you are totally familiar with this appliance’s operation and precautions.

(PDF) OWNER’S MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Important Safeguards
– Overheating Protection
– Automatic Shutoff
– Parts & Accessories
– Using The Control Panel. Operating Light. Time Control Knob. Temperature Control Knob.
– Cooking Chart. Food Cook Times / Temperature / Time.
– Instructions for Use
– Before First Use
– Using the Power AirFryer
– Shaking
– Tips

– Troubleshooting:
The Power AirFryer does not work;
Food is not cooked;
Food is not fried evenly;
Outer Basket will not slide into Unit properly;
White smoke coming from Unit;
French fries are not fried evenly;
Fries are not crispy.

– Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I prepare foods other than fried dishes with my Power AirFryer?
A: You can prepare a variety of dishes, including steaks, chops, burgers, and baked goods. See the Power AirFryer Recipe Guide.

Q: Is the Power AirFryer good for making or reheating soups and sauces?
A: Never cook or reheat liquids in the Power AirFryer.

Q: Is it possible to shut off the Unit at any time?
A: Turn the Time Control Knob to 0 to shut off the Unit.

Q: What do I do if the Unit shuts off while cooking?
A: As a safety feature, the Power AirFryer has an Auto-Shutoff device that prevents damage from overheating. Remove the Outer Basket and set it on a heat-resistant surface. Allow the Unit to cool down. Remove the Power Cable from the outlet. Once cool, plug the Power Cable back into the socket. Restart by inserting the Outer Basket into the Unit and setting the cooking time

Q: Does the Unit need time to heat up?
A: If you are cooking from a cold start, add 3 mins. to the cooking time to compensate.

Q: Can I check the food during the cooking process?
A: You can remove the Outer Basket at any time while cooking is in progress. During this time, you can shake the contents in the Outer Basket if needed to ensure even cooking.

Q: Is the Power AirFryer dishwasher safe?
A: Only the Fry Tray is dishwasher safe. The Unit itself, which contains the heating coil and electronics, should never be submerged in liquid of any kind or cleaned with anything more than a warm, moist cloth or nonabrasive sponge with a small amount of mild detergent.

Q: What happens if the Unit still does not work after I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions?
A: Never attempt a home repair. Contact Tristar and follow the procedures set forth by the guarantee. Failure to do so could render your guarantee null and void.

– Cleaning
– Storage


– Fish Sticks
– Garlic Knots
– Onion Rings
– French Fries
– Fried Chicken
– Hot Wings
– Mac & Cheese Balls
– Mozzarella Sticks
– Coconut Shrimp
– Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots
– Beef Empanadas
– Chicken Tenders
– Spring Rolls
– Roasted Turkey Reuben
– Peach Turnover
– Crunchy French Toast
– Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread Crossiant

This owner’s manual with recipes provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Power Brands about the AirFryer 2-quart Classic Series YJ-803. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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