Pecron T3000 Portable Power Station User Manual

Download User Manual for Pecron T3000 Portable Power Station 3000W/2963Wh [16 pages 2021 pdf/zip]

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Pecron T3000 Portable Power Station | 3000W 2963Wh

Pecron T3000 is a portable AC/DC power station with built-in lithium battery, which is designed with the safe lithium-ion battery and inverter technology.
It’s very easy to carry and convenient offering power to electrical appliances with advantages of light weight, large capacity, high power and multiple functions.
This item is always used in the field of emergency communication, power lines repair, medical facility, exploration and survey, military, fire rescue and somewhere is lack of power energy.

Please read the manual carefully before you use! Please keep the manual carefully so that you can check it for usage in the future.

1. Product Introduction. Technical specification.
2. Panel Function Description. Front Panel, Description.
3. Operation Instructions. Support of the floodlights. Resetting Key. DC output switch. 12V10A DC output for cigar socket. DC charging port. Battery capacity indicator. 48V50A DC output port. AC output switch. AC output socket.
4. Notice About the Function
5. Warranty Service
6. Guarantee Card

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