Pecron P500 Portable Power Station User Manual

Download User Manual for Pecron P500 Outdoor Portable Power Station 388.5Wh/500W [15 pages 2021 pdf/zip]

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Pecron P500 Outdoor Portable Power Station | 388.5Wh 500W

Pecron P500 is a portable multiple-use battery-powered solar generator.
388.5Wh (25.9V 15Ah) Battery Capacity and 500W Rated Power allow you to run most devices and appliances without worry while away from the grid.
Advanced charging technology allows you to fully charge your Pecron P500 in about 3-4 hours through a standard wall outlet.
Pecron P500 Pcan be widely used in the field of mobile working, outdoor recreation, camping, rescuing, environment protection, emergency communication, power outage backup and so on.
It features LED Emergency Lighting, Three-Way Charging and Built-In MPPT Charge Controller.

Please read the user manual thoroughly before using this product, and keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

1. Introduction
2. Technical Specifications
3. Function Instruction. Packing List. Functions Of Each Part. LCD Intelligence Display.
4. Using Guideline. Working environment. Charging. AC Output.
5. Warranty

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