Pecron E600LFP Portable Power Station User Manual

Download User Manual for Pecron E600LFP Portable Power Station 1200W/614Wh [12 pages 2022 pdf/zip]

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Pecron E600LFP Portable Power Station 1200W / 614Wh LiFePO4

Pecron E600LFP utilizes premium LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries which can retain 80% of its original capacity at 3500 complete charge cycles; with Build-in BMS assure the self-protection of short circuit, overload, and overheat.
120V Pure-sine wave inverter make sure there is no damage to your sensitive electronic devices.
With the 614Wh capacity and 1200W rated power, is a good back-up battery use for home and outdoor activities such as camping, tourism, fishing, emergency etc.
8 Versatile Outputs: Versatile With 3x120V AC outlets, 2xUSB-C Port(18W/100W), 2xUSB-A and 1x12V Cigar port.
Pecron E600LFP is compatible with virtually all essential devices such as mini fridge, laptops, drone, CPAP.
Fast and Secure Recharging:
– Advanced charging technology allows you to fully charge in about 2.2 hours through a standard wall outlet;
– Fast solar charging with a built-in MPPT controller;

Please read the user manual thoroughly before using this product, and keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

– Function Introduction
– Specifications
– Output Specs
– Input Specs
– How To Use The Pecron E600LFP
– LCD Smart Display. Temperature Alarm Icon. AC Overload Alarm Icon.
– Packing List
– Recharge Time
– Solar Charge Time
– Using Solar Panels To Charge The Pecron E600LFP. DC5521 Charging Port. GX16MF-5 Charging Port.
– FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What kind of battery is used in Pecron E600LFP? How long it can last?
A: Pecron E600LFP utilizes high quality UL certified automotive LiFePO4 battery, it can retain 80% of its original capacity at 3500 complete charge cycles.

Q: What devices can Pecron E600LFP power?
A: The AC output ports can power appliances which use less than 1200 watts of electricity. However, inductive types of loads such as freezer, fridge, compressor, motor require a much higher power to start (approx. 3-7 time lager than its rated power) The DC output ports can supply a maximum DC power of 120W([email protected]).

Q: Can the Pecron E600LFP be used as UPS?
A: The UPS function is not supported.

Q: Can the Pecron E600LFP be charged while discharging?
A: Yes, Pecron E600LFP can run devices while it is being charged. The battery will eventually run out if the discharging is greater than the charging during the pass through charging.

Q: How to calculate the Pecron E600LFP running time?
A: Running Time = Total Capacity(614Wh) * 0.85 (Depth of Discharge)/Loading Power(Watts)

Q: Can I use the E600LFP indoors and charge the E600LFP indoors?
A: Yes, the Pecron E600LFP is safe to use indoors.

Q: Does Pecron E600LFP have built-in MPPT controller?
A: Yes, Pecron E600LFP has a built-in MPPT charge controller, which supports 12V-18V(max 100W) or 32V-95V(max 400W) PV input.

Q: How to store the Pecron E600LFP?
A: Please turn off the unit and then store it in a dry, ventilated place at normal room temperature. Do not place this unit near water sources or a wet/moist environment. For long-term storage, it is recommended to discharge the battery to 30% every three months and recharge it to 60% to prolong the battery life.