Pecron E600LFP Portable Power Station User Manual

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This PDF user manual is for the Pecron E600LFP Portable Power Station 1200W/614Wh.

Pecron E600LFP Portable Power Station 1200W / 614Wh LiFePO4

Pecron E600LFP utilizes premium LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries which can retain 80% of its original capacity at 3500 complete charge cycles; with Build-in BMS assure the self-protection of short circuit, overload, and overheat.
120V Pure-sine wave inverter make sure there is no damage to your sensitive electronic devices.
With the 614Wh capacity and 1200W rated power, is a good back-up battery use for home and outdoor activities such as camping, tourism, fishing, emergency etc.
8 Versatile Outputs: Versatile With 3x120V AC outlets, 2xUSB-C Port(18W/100W), 2xUSB-A and 1x12V Cigar port.
Pecron E600LFP is compatible with virtually all essential devices such as mini fridge, laptops, drone, CPAP.
Fast and Secure Recharging:
– Advanced charging technology allows you to fully charge in about 2.2 hours through a standard wall outlet;
– Fast solar charging with a built-in MPPT controller;

Please read the user manual thoroughly before using this product, and keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Function Introduction
– Specifications
– Output Specs
– Input Specs
– How To Use The Pecron E600LFP
– LCD Smart Display. Temperature Alarm Icon. AC Overload Alarm Icon.
– Packing List
– Recharge Time
– Solar Charge Time
– Using Solar Panels To Charge The Pecron E600LFP. DC5521 Charging Port. GX16MF-5 Charging Port.
– FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What kind of battery is used in Pecron E600LFP? How long it can last?
A: Pecron E600LFP utilizes high quality UL certified automotive LiFePO4 battery, it can retain 80% of its original capacity at 3500 complete charge cycles.

Q: What devices can Pecron E600LFP power?
A: The AC output ports can power appliances which use less than 1200 watts of electricity. However, inductive types of loads such as freezer, fridge, compressor, motor require a much higher power to start (approx. 3-7 time lager than its rated power) The DC output ports can supply a maximum DC power of 120W(12V@10A).

Q: Can the Pecron E600LFP be used as UPS?
A: The UPS function is not supported.

Q: Can the Pecron E600LFP be charged while discharging?
A: Yes, Pecron E600LFP can run devices while it is being charged. The battery will eventually run out if the discharging is greater than the charging during the pass through charging.

Q: How to calculate the Pecron E600LFP running time?
A: Running Time = Total Capacity(614Wh) * 0.85 (Depth of Discharge)/Loading Power(Watts)

Q: Can I use the E600LFP indoors and charge the E600LFP indoors?
A: Yes, the Pecron E600LFP is safe to use indoors.

Q: Does Pecron E600LFP have built-in MPPT controller?
A: Yes, Pecron E600LFP has a built-in MPPT charge controller, which supports 12V-18V(max 100W) or 32V-95V(max 400W) PV input.

Q: How to store the Pecron E600LFP?
A: Please turn off the unit and then store it in a dry, ventilated place at normal room temperature. Do not place this unit near water sources or a wet/moist environment. For long-term storage, it is recommended to discharge the battery to 30% every three months and recharge it to 60% to prolong the battery life.

This user manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Pecron about the E600LFP Portable Power Station. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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