Pace RNG110 Digital Cable Set-Top Box Operator’s Manual

Download User Manual for Pace RNG110 Comcast Xfinity High-Definition Digital Cable Set-Top Box [20 pages 502-3432900 2009 pdf/zip]

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Pace RNG110 High-Definition Digital Cable Set-Top Box

Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions.

– Safety Information
– Rear Panel
– Connecting The Equipment. Setup A – Home theater system with HDTV (HDMITM connection). Setup B – Home theater system with HDTV (Component video / YPbPr connection). Connecting the power supply unit to your set-top. Connecting equipment to the wall AC outlets.
– Operating Your Set-Top. Turning your set-top on and off. Lightning storms. Using your remote control. Your set-top’s front-panel. Displaying a picture on your HDTV screen. Setting up subtitles.
– Making User Settings. About User Settings. About the TV Aspect Ratio. About TV Display Capability (resolution settings). Setting Auto Pillarbox. Making Closed Caption Settings. Making Front-Panel Settings. Changing HDMI Settings. Removing the User Settings menus. Restoring the factory default settings.
– Using Zoom And The Setup Menus. Using Zoom to change the picture. Using the setup menus.
– Troubleshooting
– Terms And Conditions For Use Of Software (“Terms”). Open Source Licenses.