Oster 2 lb Expressbake Breadmaker 5834 User Manual

Download PDF user manual and recipes for Sunbeam Products Oster 2 lb. Expressbake Breadmaker 5834 / 5838 (EN) 76 pages P.N. 102819 zip



This PDF user manual is for the Oster 2-lb Expressbake Breadmaker 5834 (5838).

Oster 2 lb. Expressbake Breadmaker Model: 5834 (5838)

Read all instructions, product labels and warnings before using the breadmaker. Save these instructions.

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Let’s Bake Bread

– Traditional White Bread 2 lb. loaf
– Bread Machine Stages
– After the bread is baked

Chapter 3: Overview of Breadmaker features.

Breadmaker Settings.
1. Basic (Time: 3 hours)
2. Whole Wheat (Time: 3 hours, 40 minutes)
3. French (Time: 3 hours, 50 minutes)
4. Sweet (Time: 2 hours, 50 minutes)
5. EXPRESSBAKE(TM) (Time: 58 minutes)
6. EXPRESSBAKE(TM) (Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes)
7. Dough (Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes)
8. Bake (Time: 1 hour)

Chapter 4: EXPRESSBAKE(TM) Setting: Baking Bread In Under 1 Hour

Chapter 5: Using the Delay Timer

– Tips and Hints
– Measurement Equivalency Chart
– Taking Care of Your Bread Machine
– Troubleshooting


– Basic Setting Recipes:
Traditional White Bread;
Country White Bread (no Delay Timer);
Potato Bread;
Oatmeal Bread;
Raisin Bread (no Delay Timer);
Light Rye Bread;
Sourdough Bread;
Sourdough Starter;
To Replenish Starter;
tiints for Successful Sourdough Baking.

– French Setting Recipes:
French Countryside bread;
Italian herb bread.

– Sweet Setting Recipes:
Springtime favorite Bread (no Delay Timer);
Cottage Cheese and Chive Bread (no Delay Timer);
Special Winter Bread (no Delay Timer);
Apple Walnut Bread

– EXPRESSBAKE(TM) Setting (58 Minutes)

– EXPRESSBAKE(TM) Setting (80 Minutes)

– Whole Wheat Setting Recipes:
100% Whole Wheat Bread;
Honey Grain Bread;
Honey Wheat Bread;
Summer Wheat Bread;
Buttermilk Bread;
Light Rye Bread;

– Dough Setting Recipes:
Dough Instructions, Preparing Dough for Baking, Variations for Shaping Dough, Rising, Storing.
Bread Pretzel;
Butter Rolls (no Delay Timer);
Coffee Cake (no Delay Timer);
Powdered Sugar Glaze (for Coffee Cakes and Sweet Rolls);
Pizza Crust;
Pizza Toppings (optional);
Basic Pasta (no Delay Timer);

– Bake (Jams and Marmalades):
Strawberry Jam (no Delay Timer);
Orange Marmalade (no Delay Timer);
Frozen Berry Jam (no Delay Timer).

– Glazes:
Egg Glaze;
Egg Yolk Glaze;
Egg White Glaze;
Garlic Butter;
Herb-Cheese Butter;
Italian Herb Butter;
Choco-Banana Spread;
Ham and Swiss Spread;
Herb-Cream Cheese Spread;
Honey-Walnut Spread;
Ripe Olive Spread;
Browned Butter Glaze;
Cinnamon Glaze;
Citrus Glaze;
Creamy Vanilla Glaze.

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