NTE2V115 Metal Oxide Varistor Data Sheet

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This PDF datasheet is for the NTE2V115 Varistor.

NTE Electronics NTE2V115 Metal Oxide Varistor

The NTE Metal Oxide Varistors feature a barrier layer that gives the user fast response time. These devices have a high transient current handling capability when high voltage is applied. Static resistance is, however, very high under low voltage conditions, permitting low standby drain currents.

– High Transient Current Capability – up to 6500A
– Fast Response Time – less than 35ns
– Excellent Voltage Clamping Characteristics
– Very Low Temperature Coefficient
– Low Standby Current
– High Energy Capability
– The Value for “n” is Greater
– Very Low Leakage Current
– Low Capacitance
– Low Overshoot Characteristics

(PDF) DATASHEET in English (EN) language.


– Varistor Voltage
– Energy
– Peak Current

– Operating Ambient Temperature
– Response Time
– Voltage Temperature Coefficient
– Maximum Leakage Current

– Case Diameter
– Maximum Ratings (Continuous) – RMS Voltage (Volts)
– Maximum Ratings (Continuous) – DC Voltage (Volts)
– Maximum Ratings (Transient) – Energy (10/1000us) (Joules)
– Maximum Ratings (Transient) – Peak Current (8/20us) (Amps)
– Nominal Varistor Voltage
– Maximum Clamping Voltage
– Transient Power Dissipation (Watts)

NTE varistors short–circuit when subjected to surges beyond their peak current and energy ratings. NTE varistors short–circuit when operated at steady–state voltages well beyond their voltage ratings, which may eventually result in open–circuiting leaving the circuit without protection.
The following precautions should be taken to minimize this potential hazard:
– Fusing the varistor to limit high fault currents.
– Protecting the surrounding circuitry by physical shielding.
– Locating the varistor away from other components.



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