Novation Launchpad S Controller User Guide

Download PDF user and programmer’s reference manual for Focusrite Novation Launchpad S Ableton Live Controller (EN|FR|DE|ES) FA0826-04, FA0618-02 zip



This PDF user guide is for the Novation Launchpad S Ableton Live Controller.

Novation Launchpad S Ableton Live Controller

Launchpad S is a unique controller for Ableton Live, designed by Novation and Ableton. It should be noted that Launchpad S is not restricted to use just within Ableton Live. Launchpad S is now fully integrated with a number of other music making applications.
Launchpad S is a Class Compliant MIDI device so no driver installation is required. Ableton Live Lite and other free content is available by registering your product on the Novation website.

(PDF) GETTING STARTED GUIDE in English (EN), French (FR), German (DE) and Spanish (ES) languages.

(4 pages FA0826-04 2014)
– Overview
– Software Set-Up
– Hardware Set-Up
– Install Ableton Live
– Install Launchpad S Demo Session
– Setting Up Launchpad S Within Ableton Live
– Product Overview: Ableton Live. The Session Mode. User Modes. Mixer Modes.
– The Volume / PAN / SNDA / SNDB Pages
– Launchpad S Features Two Power Modes
– Using Ableton Live Lite 9
– Using Launchpad S With Other Music Software

ADVANCED FEATURES GUIDE in English (EN) and Japanese (JA) languages.

(3 pages version 1.00 2013)
This guide explains how to use the bootloader to reconfigure the Launchpad S to meet the requirements of its intended use.
– How to Enter the Bootloader
– Hardware ID
– Power Modes
– Bootloader and Firmware Version
– Exiting the Bootloader
– Firmware Update
– Figure 1. Entering the bootloader.
– Figure 2. Bootloader mode functions.


(26 pages version 1.02 2013)
Launchpad S communicates using MIDI over USB in both directions. This is the only interface that the device supports. By describing the MIDI communication format, this manual contains all the information you need to be able to write software that is customised for Launchpad S.
– Number systems and MIDI conventions
– For Max users
– Original Launchpad Compatibility Notes
– Quick Start
– Computer-to-Launchpad Configuration Messages: Reset, Turn on all LEDs, Change the button layout, Change the brightness
– Figure 1. Launchpad MIDI notes, hexadecimal values
– Figure 2. Launchpad MIDI notes, decimal values
– Figure 3. Launchpad MIDI notes, note pitches
– Computer-to-Launchpad LED Messages
– Figure 4. The sixteen displayable colours of Launchpad S
– Rapid LED Update
– Adventures in Double Buffering
– Change the LED buffers
– New Features: Device Inquiry, Scrolling text

NOVATION AUTOMAP 4.0 USER GUIDE in English (EN), French (FR) and German (DE) languages.

(26 pages FA0618-02 2011)
This guide is designed to provide comprehensive information about the operational features of Automap 4.
Automap 4 is a software application designed to interface your Novation hardware controller with other software applications on your computer, in ways that are simply not possible without it. As Automap 4 essentially works in the same manner for all Novation Automap-enabled controllers, this guide is not written for any specific hardware. For details about your particular Automap-enabled hardware, please refer to the relevant guide supplied with it.
– Introduction to Automap 4
– Managing your Plug-ins
– Automap Terminology
– Using Automap 4
– Creating your own Mappings
– Mixer Mode
– Automap Virtual MIDI
– Multiple Hardware Devices
– Keystroke Assignments

This user manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Novation / Focusrite about the Launchpad S Ableton Live Controller. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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