NOCO GB30 Genius Boost Lithium Jump Starter User Guide

Download User Guide for NOCO GB30 Genius Boost Lithium Jump Starter (original 2014-2015 model) [11 pages 2015 pdf/zip]



NOCO Genius Boost GB30 Lithium Jump Starter (original 2014-2015 model)

The NOCO Genius(R) Boost(TM) GB30 is an ultra-compact and portable lithium-ion jump starter for cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, RVs, tractors, trucks and more. It’s extremely safe for anyone to use. It features spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection. The GB30 can instantly jump start most singlebattery applications, up to 20 times on a single charge. The GB30 is also equipped with a USB battery pack and LED flashlight, making it the ultimate emergency tool.

Prior to use, read and understand product safety information.
Read and understand the User Guide before operating the product.

– What’s In The Box
– About GB30
– Getting Started
– Connecting to the Battery
– Jump Starting
– Low Voltage Batteries & Manual Override
– Understanding Charge LEDs
– User Interface: 1. Internal Battery Level; 2. Error LED; 3. Power Button; 4. Power LED; 5. Boost LED; 6. Manual Override Button; 7. Light Mode Button.
– When Recharging the GB30.
– Understanding Error Conditions.
– Charging the GB30.
– Charging Times.
– Charging Your USB Devices.
– LED Flashlight. Modes: 100% / 50% / 10% / SOS / Blink / Strobe / Off
– Energy Saving Auto Shut Off.
– Technical Specifications.