Midea MAD35S1QWT Dehumidifier Owner’s Manual

Download User Manual for Midea MAD35S1QWT Dehumidifier [24 pages 2021 pdf/zip]

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Midea MAD35S1QWT Dehumidifier

Before using this product, please read this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
To prevent injury to the user or personal and property damage, these instructions must be followed.
Incorrect operation due to ignoring of instructions may cause harm or damage.

Inside you will find many helpful hints on how to use and maintain your Dehumidifier properly. A little preventive care on your part can save you a great deal of time and money over the life of your Dehumidifier. You’ll find many answers to common problems in the troubleshooting tips – you should be able to fix most of them quickly before calling service. These instructions may not cover every possible condition of use, so common sense and care for safety is required when installing, operating and maintaining this product.

– Safety Precautions
– Unit Specifications and Features
– Set Up Instructions
– Installation Instructions: Positioning the Unit, Additional Setup and Usage Information
– Operating Instructions: Key Pad Features, Removing Collected Water
– Care and Cleaning: Clean the Grill and Case, Clean the bucket, Clean the air filters, When not using the unit for long time periods
– Nesting and Storing Instructions
– Troubleshooting Tips
– App Instructions

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